It’s worse than we thought, or rather, President Obama’s administration has really boxed itself in with this ridiculous statement (at least they put a name to it, David Axelrod) elaborating upon the fact that the Fierce Advocate does not support marriage equality, only civil unions – and marriage is a state matter.

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Yes it is a state matter, just like a drivers license. So what about the whole full faith and credit clause? Does that go out the window here? I cannot believe a man whose parents could not marry legally in all 50 states prior to Loving v. Virginia can continue to push this line of BS.

So he supports CUs at the fed level — where does that leave bigoted states where determining “equality” will be a huge problem? Oh that’s right, he’s punting to SCOTUS down the road to take the hit for him, at the expense of officially being labeled a bigoted proponent of separate but equal because “god is in the mix.”

Note that the administration also doesn’t want to do something that could mitigate the current position — say that all marriages must convert to civil unions, thus underscoring church-state separation of the institution. Honestly, that’s more explosive an opinion to hold than marriage equality, but obviously there’s no political spine to take that belief public, as we’ve seen.

This tap dancing is enraging enough, but the fact that it is convoluted nonsense is depressing because this administration is bending over backwards not to offend an increasingly shrinking part of the American public, and looks more concerned about the voters he never had in the first place.

Why is separate-but-equal fine for gay and lesbian couples, Mr. President? What other constituencies are officially second-class citizens? Perhaps this administration doesn’t want our tainted money; when the DOJ weighs in on whether to defend DOMA, a lot of those second-class wallets are prepared to remain closed.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding