…And we have get-back. The military today announced that Mike Hastings, the RS reporter who ended Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s career by listening to stuff that happened and writing it down, will not be returning to Afghanistan anytime soon. His request for a front-line embed, a DOD spokesman said, was rejected by the unit’s commander:

“There is no right to embed,” Lapan said. “It is a choice made between units and individual reporters, and a key element of an embed is having trust that the individuals are going to abide by the ground rules. So in that instance the command in Afghanistan decided there wasn’t the trust requisite and denied this request.”

Now, the military could have maybe kinda sorta sought out Hastings to show they could let bygones be bygones, as well as to do some pushback against the WikiLeaks crowd by inviting a real, live reporter with a camera and junk out there.

Or not. You’d think Bill Caldwell, the ISAF training commander who once ran the coalition PAO shop in Iraq, would know better. You’d be wrong.

Spencer, did you plan this? Trying to corner the market on embed scoops? Shameless, you are.

UPDATED: I have a post up on MoJo about this, with a bunch more info…and maybe some insight into what the holy bejeebus was going through the military’s hive mind on this one.

Adam Weinstein

Adam Weinstein

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