Press Coverage of Just Say Now Campaign

The media has been all over the launch of our transpartisan marijuana legalization campaign, Just Say Now. It’s a unique campaign that brings together law enforcement, doctors, teachers, parents and students to end one of the most destructive social policies in this country: marijuana prohibition.

The best plug so far comes from the Huffington Post, which lead with our campaign across the homepage for hours yesterday:

Huffington Post announces the launch of Just Say Now

Huffington Post – ‘Just Say Now’: Left-Right Coalition Launches Campaign To Legalize Pot

A transpartisan coalition of prosecutors, judges, cops, students, bloggers and political operatives on both sides of the aisle launched a campaign Tuesday to bring an end to marijuana prohibition, focusing on ballot initiatives in 2010 and 2012. The campaign, “Just Say Now,” gets its name from Nancy Reagan’s iconic anti-drug slogan from the 1980s that has become synonymous with the government’s black-and-white approach to drug policy.

“The stars are aligning in a very interesting way with Tea Party activists, who are generally libertarian,” said Aaron Houston, head of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, on a conference call Tuesday afternoon announcing the formation of the coalition. “On the right and left it’s a very popular issue.”

Here’s some more of what the press is saying about Just Say Now. Be sure to check out to see more of what we’re doing.

The Atlantic – Jane Hamsher Gets Into the Marijuana Legalization Game

Legalizers appear to be gaining momentum as they’ve accrued mainstream legitimacy over the past year and a half, and the Firedoglake/Students for a Sensible Drug Policy initiative will aim to become a new, and potentially quite significant, arm of the movement as it moves forward toward its ultimate goal of making marijuana legal, and legally available, and tries both to make inroads with new political communities on both the left and right and to turn out votes from current supporters more effectively.

CBS News – Marijuana Initiative Pushes “Just Say Now” Message

The organizations are circulating a petition online and on college campuses asking President Obama to end the federal ban on using the drug.

The petition, they say, will help them identify supporters and drive turnout in the five states where marijuana initiatives are on the ballot — Arizona, Oregon, California, Colorado and South Dakota. Supporters who don’t live in those states will be encouraged to make phone calls in an effort to improve the chances of those initiatives passing.

NBC News – Just say yes — to marijuana legalization

Former Reagan associate deputy general Bruce Fein said that marijuana legalization is another “major initiative to bring our government back in line with the Constitution,” and that states — not the federal government — should have the power to choose how to address this particular issue. Fein stated that the federal government should tax marijuana, but leave the regulation to the states. – Just Say Now: It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana

The timing couldn’t be better. Everyone’s talking about whether the marijuana vote could help the Democrats by bringing out young voters, yet party leadership remains shamefully silent and prominent democrats like Diane Feinstein and Jerry Brown are foolishly fighting back against legalization. As a longtime hub for progressive politics on the web, FDL is the perfect venue for reinvigorating the marijuana debate on the left and driving the issue even more firmly into the political mainstream.

Toke of the Town – Mexican President Calls For Debate On Legalizing Marijuana

In response to President Calderon’s call for a debate on drug legalization, 34-year veteran police officer Norm Stamper, called on President Obama to join the debate on legalizing marijuana. Stamper was formerly chief of police in Seattle and now a speaker with the group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and an advisor to the Just Say Now campaign.

“President Calderon’s call for a debate on legalization is a big step forward in putting an end to the war raging in Mexico and along our borders,” Stamper said. “More than 28,000 people have been killed by Mexico’s drug cartels since 2006 — including 1,200 in July, the deadliest month yet in the Drug War.” – Senate Deducts Brownie Points for Devil’s Food Dopers

But the Feinstein bill is drawing a backlash as activists band together to try reducing marijuana penalties across the board. Several organizations on Tuesday were unrolling a new national campaign to press lawmakers to legalize and tax marijuana. The lineup includes Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and liberal blog Firedoglake, which ridiculed the Feinstein law as “Reefer Madness-style hysteria.”

Politics Daily – ‘Just Say Now’: Marijuana Advocates Launch National Legalization Campaign

Jane Hamsher, liberal blogger and founder of Just Say Now, said getting legal weed initiatives on the ballot could have the added benefit of boosting the number of young people who turn out to vote.

“Young people want marijuana to be legalized in overwhelming numbers: young voters are not just excited to support legalization, but are much more likely to turn out to vote if marijuana is on the ballot,” Hamsher said. “We’re delighted about organizing legalization supporters and getting them to the polls on Election Day.”

Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas even joined in on the fun, tweeting:

RT @DannyDanko If you support cannabis law reform follow @justsaynow and RT this lets make it trend tweed-headz! #justsaynow

And, finally, here are some videos about Just Say Now, including interviews with Jane Hamsher and Bruce Fein, as well as a story by local Sacramento TV station CBS13:

Announcing – Jane Hamsher on CNN: Pot laws unpopular, racist, unfair:

Former Reagan Associate Attorney Gen. Bruce Fein Advocates for Legalizing Marijuana on MSNBC

CBS 13 Sacramento Covers Just Say Now Marijuana Legalization Campaign

Update: More from Toke of the Town — Just Say Now Campaign Aims To End Marijuana Prohibition

Be sure to join our campaign and stay tuned for more exciting news from Just Say Now in the coming weeks.

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