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Oh, My Sides! Obama Says He’ll Keep Pushing for Employee Free Choice Act

When I heard that President Obama told the AFL-CIO this morning that he would keep pushing for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, my first reaction was to laugh uncontrollably for several minutes. Some kind of joke, right?

No, Obama said it with a straight face. He has the gall to straight up lie to union members – who just dedicated $53 million to keep Democrats in office – about their top priority. According to tweets from HuffPost’s Sam Stein, here’s what Obama said this morning:

“We are going to keep on fighting to pass the Employee Free Choice Act… Getting EFCA through the Senate is going to be tough. It has always been tough … But we are going to keep on pushing. “

Man, that is HILARIOUS! It’s such a funny joke!

For Obama to even mention the Employee Free Choice Act as anything but a deader-than-dead failure of his administration is an insult to the intelligence of every working person in America. Obama had the opportunity to push through the Employee Free Choice Act between February and April 2009. He let it linger, then let Democrats start sniping at it, and then the ship sailed with Scott Brown’s election. Unions dismantled their Employee Free Choice Act campaign teams in January 2010. It is no longer even close to an option.

Bringing up the Employee Free Choice Act now is worse than being a tease. It’s being a dishonest, two-faced manipulator who is desperately begging for help from the very people who only got out the vote and donated money in 2008 on the promise of fundamental change like the Employee Free Choice Act. For Obama to come back two years later and promise the same thing that’s not even possible is offensive.

UPDATE: Here’s the transcript of what Obama said today:

We’re going to have to cut taxes for middle-class families, and after a tough fight, we finally extended emergency unemployment assistance for folks who had lost their jobs.  (Applause.)  We passed the Fair Pay Act to help put a stop to pay discrimination.  We’ve reversed the executive orders of the last administration that were designed to undermine organized labor.  I’ve appointed folks who actually are fulfilling their responsibilities to make sure our workplaces are safe, whether in a mine or in an office, a factory or anyplace else.  And we are going to keep on fighting to pass the Employee Free Choice Act. (Applause.) […]

Getting EFCA through Senate is going to be tough.  It’s always been tough; it will continue to be tough.  We’ll keep on pushing. But our work doesn’t stop there.  I mean, there’s a reason why we nominated people to the National Mediation Board that would ensure that folks in the rail industry and in the air industry were going to end up having a better deal.  (Applause.)

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