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Neocon halfway house: by Phillip Weiss

Over at Mondoweiss Phillip Weiss has a great take up on Andrew Sullivan and Joe Klein’s failures at digging into the false claims being repeated in the run up to the invasion of Iraq

"Andrew Sullivan has been doing important work on neoconservatives. Here is a piece in which he and Joe Klein lament their failure to see thru the neoconservative agenda for the Iraq war. The regrets expressed here are genuine and important and god knows they should be taken up by the Jewish community, whose leadership, including Reform Jewry, supported the destruction of an Arab society with the untold suffering that has resulted.

And here is another piece by Sullivan challenging neoconservatives if they really care about their project and Arab democracy, to help build Palestine. He realizes that this is a challenge they won’t accept, the piece is trickier as it seeks to expose their Israel-centricity. "I ask you: what else that is actually doable would transform the region more than this? In the end, I fear, the neocons’ paranoia about Israel’s security – which apparently required the deaths of so many civilians in Gaza and demands the daily humiliation of so many Muslims in the occupied territories – renders any such game-changer moot. My view is that a neoconservatism that wasn’t rooted and founded in the ideology of Greater Israel would leap at this chance. And support for a real, democratic, Muslim Palestinian state on the West Bank is the acid test of neoconservatism’s broader principles."

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