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Louis Marinelli Caught Lying Again (In Other News, Ducks Quack)

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(BTW, YAY Judge Vaughn! Bye Bye Prop 8!)

So Louis has been aggressively censoring new comments on his blog. Mostly from me, the most hateful lesbian he's met. No shock there. He let a few of my comments through one day presumably thinking that doing so would prove he wasn't singling me out for censorship. Specifically comments that included my accusing him of censorship for not allowing several other prior comments through. For once in his misbegotten life, he actually addressed something I said. This is what Louis posted to justify censoring me.

Now of course we all know this is complete bullshit on his part. Calling someone a liar when you've provided actual proof they lied is NOT a personal attack, and I go OUT OF MY WAY to not swear or cuss on his blog specifically to prevent him having an excuse to censor me. Of course since he HAS censored me, and moreso has PUBLICLY ADMITTED TO DOING SO, he shot himself in the foot once again.

Sure he can claim every comment of mine he censored was full of nothing but me saying “Louis you're a fucking moronic piece of shit”, (which incidentally is a true description of him but I have NEVER said anything close to resembling it on his blog), but since he, by his own admission, HAS censored them, he now cannot prove his claims.

This however is not actually the lie I caught him in, since, with my comments not approved, I can't prove I DIDN'T cuss at him and I know it. However…

Louis' excuse for censoring all but a bare handful of my comments is his claim that he will not publish comments that, in his words, “include offensive language or personal attacks. That type of language is unnecessary”.

And the very next day, Louis proved he was lying, when he allowed this anonymous homophobia to go through.

Caught you again Louis. Or is your cesorship policy to cover only “offensive language or personal attacks” against those who side with you, but perfectly acceptable when derogatory towards your opponents?

Once again, Louis J. Marinelli; A proven Liar, a Moral Coward, a pathetic excuse for a human being.