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Late Night: Wingnuttia Responds to Prop H8 Decision, Has a Sad over More Americans Having More Liberty

My FDL colleagues & confreres will surely be discussing the legalities & intricacies of the striking-down of Californ-i-a’s Proposition 8, the referendum that said, in so many words, “if you are gay or lesbian or even remotely concerned with equality, fairness, and justice for all Californians, fuck you and suck it, and not in a good way, more in kind of the grim, sour way Ayn Rand very probably liked it sucked.”

Me, I’m just going to make fun of dipshit bigots and do a quick flyover of Greater Wingnuttia. Because I dislike these people and when they lose it amuses me, because they are very horrible and do not believe people I love deserve equal rights. So, screw them.

Our Lady of the Soggy Biscuit:

Actual quote from the ruling today: “Gender no longer forms an essential part of marriage.”

This is a court ruling, not an academic seminar at Berkeley.

This isn’t about equality. This is about recreating our fundamental institutions.

Slavery, be it recalled, used to be a “fundamental institution.” Now it’s not! Freedom means the right to reform fundamental institutions that are unjust. In the name of, you know, equality.

Townhall is outraged, meanwhile, that CNN asked patrons of a gay bar what they thought about the ruling. Therefore the ruling is unconstitutional on grounds of being icky.

Colonel Mustard invokes a common wingnut point of faith, that this ruling Dooms the Democrats:

The politics of this opinion probably could not come at a worse time for Democrats. There is no groundswell of support for gay marriage, with even Obama having expressed the view during the campaign that marriage is between one man and one woman. The opinion attempts to short-circuit the political process by finding a constitutional right which most people — even people who might support gay marriage — do not recognize.

OMIGOD. But… nah. I’ll take justice, thankyouverymuch. And you wanna see a groundswell, we’ll show you a fucking groundswell.

Video via my friend Scott. Done by these fine folks.

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