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Republicans Love the Constitution So Much They Want to Change It to Keep Out Brown People

by Pargon

On Sunday, Jon Kyl (R-AZ) went on “Face the Nation” and suggested, that with all the Michelle Malkins anchor babies running around, it might be time to scrap the 14th Amendment.

Now, the Senate Minority Leader agrees.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is the latest high-profile Republican to say Congress should reconsider the guarantee of birthright citizenship provided by the 14th Amendment, in light of the current debate over immigration reform.

“I think we ought to take a look at it — hold hearings, listen to the experts on it,” McConnell said to the Hill on Monday. “I haven’t made a final decision about it, but that’s something that we clearly need to look at. Regardless of how you feel about the various aspects of immigration reform, I don’t think anybody thinks that’s something they’re comfortable with.”

Well, at least they’re consistent.

Southern conservatives have always hated the 14th, which gave citizenship to former slaves. In fact, Tennessee was the only Southern state to ratify it, and…

Since Reconstruction, the Fourteenth Amendment — especially the equal protection clause — has been applied to a number of cases. It emerged in the famous Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka when the United States Supreme Court used the Fourteenth Amendment as one of its rationales for declaring school segregation unconstitutional.

Pretty easy to see why Republicans are eager to repeal it.

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