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NY: 17-month-old baby killed by man 'trying to make him act like a boy instead of a girl'

This kind of BS makes me sick. This is the lowest form of scum. If you haven’t reconciled your own masculinity issues, don’t work them out on a f*cking baby.

This violence occurred on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation (my people, btw; those involved in this incident are not Shinnecock) on Long Island, NY. (WPIX):

The suspect has been identified as Pedro Jones, 20, of South Hampton. He has been charged with first-degree manslaughter after allegedly hitting the boy “several times throughout his body with close fists” and grabbed him by the neck, according to the felony complaint filed by police.

Authorities say Jones also told them, “I was trying to make him act like a boy instead of a little girl. I never struck that kid that hard before.”

“He infiltrated my family through our trust, through the heart of my daughter and then stole the life of her child,” said the baby’s grandfather Daniel Collins. “I hope the justice system turns around and steals his.”

In the WCAX coverage of this murder, look at this:

As Jones was led away from the state police barracks, he told reporters that he loved the little boy.

Apparently for some people it’s never too early to “man up.” Our culture of rigid gender roles, as we see here, goes beyond the toxic to the tragic.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding