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Endless Wars, Endless Lies, As the Obama Administration Pays Pakistan To Kill Americans

The neo-con oil wars continue to destroy lives while enriching billionaires. Now WikiLeaks has revealed the US government helps Pakistan kill American soldiers and sailors in Afghanistan. The Taliban is a branch of the Pakistan secret service, the ISI. This not-so-secret revelation and other slow motion disasters are on the way to destroy another American President. Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace. Rahm Emanuel must have told him War Is Peace and it was really a prize for war. Yes, War is Peace, and that is proven by the QDR, the Quadrennial Defense Review. The QDR is published by the United States Institute of Peace and the QDR Report demands indefinite war.

The views, findings, and recommendations of this report are those of the Quadrennial Defense Review Independent Panel itself and do not necessarily reflect the views of the United States Institute of Peace

The Report certainly does not reflect the views of peace. The QDR does reflect the views of a Corporate Fascist Elite that are creating a Military/Secret Police Dictatorship for the USA. It describes the methods and plans for permanent war. controlled by a secret dictatorship. The QDR Report (PDF) is similar to the PNAC Manifesto for world conquest by multinational corporations. Of course that is because it is written by neo-cons, many who are PNAC war criminals, and all are war profiteers. These Vampires of the Empire have blood on their hands and want more.

Stephen J. Hadley, Co-Chairman
Richard Armitage, J.D. Crouch, Charles Curtis, Rudy deLeon, Joan Dempsey, Eric Edelman, Sherri Goodman, David Jeremiah, George Joulwan,
William J. Perry, Co-Chairman, John Keane, Richard Kohn, John Lehman, Alice Maroni, John Nagl, Robert Scales, James Talent, Paul Van Riper, Larry Welch

This Report is delusional, and does not include any actual information, "Meeting America’s National Security Needs In the 21st Century" It totally ignores the Oil Wars and the increasing world wide unpopularity of these criminal policies. There is nothing about the neo-con corruption and failures in everything they do. There is nothing about the False Confessions from Torture, the illegal pretexts for war such as the Niger forgeries, the failures in Irak and Afghanistan do not exist. There is nothing about the real terrorists, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.To the QDR warmongers there are problems because the United States needs more wars. The wars will go on year after year without end, "indefinitely". That is what they say and that is what they want.

the United States has routinely failed to match capabilities to commitments. Many believed that the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union would lead to an era of lasting peace and a decline in American military commitments, but the opposite has proven to be true. In fact, the tempo of active American deployments over the last 20 years has far exceeded planning expectation. Most obviously, the number, duration, and character of conflicts in the greater Middle East have been unanticipated…

The conflict with Iraq…an effort that—if successful—will stretch indefinitely into an ongoing strategic partnership. But Iraq is neither the only example nor an anomaly: the American commitment to Afghanistan is in its ninth year and disengagement is likely to be many years away.

Who could have anticipated that The Afghan War Diary would be released by WikiLeaks? The secrets have already been revealed about Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. These two outlaw nations sponsor the World Wide Jihadist Jihad that makes the Global War On Terror possible and profitable.

Since 1979 Presidents and Congresses have been deluding the American People about secret wars for multinational corporate imperialism. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan was an excuse for endless wars and the rise of the neo-con Vulcans. This required massive US aid to Pakistan and support of blood thirsty Jihadists, such as Usama Bin Laden. But the PNAC Manifesto needed a cataclysm and a catastrophe and the 9-11 attacks conveniently occurred. The rest is history except for the new history of WikiLeaks. Now there is proof the US Government has known since always,
that Pakistan ISI sponsors the Taliban. The US taxpayers pay to support the enemy in a war against the USA.

The "most damning collection of data" in Wikileaks’ massive trove of secret documents from Afghanistan are 180 files that show the Pakistani intelligence service helping Taliban insurgents in their fight against US forces. The documents are dark reading indeed: They describe Pakistani agents meeting directly with the Taliban, supporting commanders of the insurgency, and even training suicide bombers. But for anyone versed in the contemporary history of Afghanistan, they are hardly news. The Wikileaks data dump is just the tip of the iceberg; ISI black ops and double-crosses date back at least three decades. Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, is merely feeding a monster it helped create back in the 1990s—with the full knowledge of the United States. Indeed, in concert with the CIA, the Pakistani spy agency also helped create Al Qaeda, and continued to support it long after it had gone astray of US interests.

Of course the Information Battlefield is where our military does its best and most effective work, war propaganda. The top Admiral is dishonorable liar and is fighting a losing battle with the truth. His Big Lie is that this puts the troops in danger. That is the same lie we are always told. But it is Admiral Mullen who hurts the troops by sending them to be killed. Admiral Mullen gets promoted for this. But for Generals and Admirals to criticize others for having blood on their hands is almost funny. That is the same as saying, "No fighting in the war room!", or "We had to destroy this village to save it."

"Mr. Assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he thinks he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family," Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, said at a news conference at the Pentagon.

So many neo-cons have been discredited that the Secret Government turned to Iran-Contra-Crack Cocaine conspirator Robert Gates to lead the Department of War, that is Defense. He is worried about relationships with our allies. But all these partners of the US all are aware that Gates sold weapons to Iran to support Central American genocide while assisting Irak in the Iran-Irak War. They have no trust in the United States and in fact no country has any trust in our neo-con Secret Government.

In equally stern comments and at the same session, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the massive leak will have significant impact on troops and allies, giving away techniques and procedures.

"The battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies and Afghan partners, and may well damage our relationships and reputation in that key part of the world," Gates said. "Intelligence sources and methods, as well as military tactics, techniques and procedures will become known to our adversaries."

Gates said the United States has been contacted by Afghanistan, Pakistan and "other governments" concerned about the leak. One of the lasting impacts, he said, is rebuilding trust that the U.S. military can keep secrets secret.

Robert Gates is one of the more dangerous neo-cons. Gates helped Ollie North set up an Off-the-shelf, self-sustaining private armies of privatized killers, first in Central America, then in Pakistan. The Jihadist army was set up to fight the Soviet Union except it went rogue and became Al Qaeda and the Taliban. Gates has been protecting Pakistan which has committed not just state sponsored terrorism, but war crimes against India and Afghanistan. But they have brought the wars home. Gates and Stephen Hadley and Richard Armitage and Peter Peterson and Stephen Friedman and Richard Perle have also created an off-the-shelf self-sustaining secret army, with 800,000 domestic spies in the United States to neutralize dissenters. Just the same as Pakistan.

Two years ago, Pakistan bombed the Indian Embassy in Kabul, killing 54 people. Our government had absolute knowledge "based on intercepted communications between Pakistani intelligence officers and militants who carried out the attack". Several months later, Pakistan tried a 9-11 False Flag Operation against Mumbai India, killing more than 160 people. The Indian secret service intercepted the ISI communications giving orders to the attackers. Pakistan military officers and ISI agents were assisted by US spy and probable Al Qaeda double agent, David Headley.

When the next terrorist attack occurs from Al Qaeda or the Taliban or L-e-T or TTP, it is actually Pakistan or Saudi Arabia. The US neo-cons have protected these terrorist nations for years but the plausible deniability is gone and it is only implausible deniability. Pakistan and Gates are oh so concerned about "leaks". Gates does not care about the six Americans killed in Mumbai as he has helped conceal the attacks in Kabul and Mumbai. Gates and the US government will try "damage control" to save Pakistan. But it is a problem to suppress more proof that the Global War On Terror is a fraud and itself is a cover for war crimes.

With allies such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia who needs friends? The USA has fewer and fewer friends and allies as a corrupt President and Congress prepares for a another generation of neo-con terrorism. The electronic and print propaganda has tried to maintain popularity for the official falsehoods. But even the Establishment is having doubts. The most surprising statement yet is from the Pakistan Ambassador to the United Nations, Abdullah Hussain Haroon

"In my personal opinion, the way the war is being fought, it doesn’t seem winnable," Haroon said…

"The concentration of al Qaeda has shifted to Yemen, number one, and, number two, in Afghanistan itself in the province of Kunar in the north, which everyone in Afghanistan and Pakistan knows is where the Taliban and al Qaeda have put a very formidable enclave, why isn’t anyone doing anything about it?" asked Haroon. "Has the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) forces gone into Kunar? They want us to do more. We have limited resources."

General David Petraeus, who won the War in Irak, does not see the existential threat posed by Pakistan. General Petraeus has been totally fooled by Pakistan, or he is a Liar, from June 11, 2009,

In Pakistan, there is no question, I think, at this point that the Pakistanis see very clearly the existential threat that is posed to their country by the extremists, in particular by the Pakistani Taliban.

After the WikiLeaks revelations, an anonymous government official says there are "concerns" about the ISI. More lies from the Obama Administration as they continue supporting the ISI and shifting the blame to the previous incompetent President.

“I don’t think anyone who follows this issue will find it surprising that there are concerns about the ISI and safe havens in Pakistan. In fact, we’ve said as much repeatedly and on the record,” one official explained. “The period of time covered in these documents (January 2004-December 2009) is before the President announced his new strategy.

The official spokesman for President Obama does go on the record to say nothing has changed. The President will give Pakistan money to kill Americans. Nothing new to see here about any relationship issues, move along.

"What is known about our relationship and our efforts in both Afghanistan and Pakistan are not markedly changed by what is in these documents," Gibbs said. "There’s no broad new revelations in this."

The National Security Advisor conceals Pakistan’s crimes and says we will continue to support Pakistan. It is WikiLeaks that is "irresponsible", rather than ISI.

These irresponsible leaks will not impact our ongoing commitment to deepen our partnerships with Afghanistan and Pakistan; to defeat our common enemies; and to support the aspirations of the Afghan and Pakistani people.

The CIA also defends Pakistan, our partners in a crucial relationship. Except "that relationship is often marked by mistrust as the two countries wage an aggressive spy battle against each other."

”It’s a crucial relationship,” CIA spokesman George Little said. ”We work closely with our Pakistani partners in fighting the common threat of terrorism.

JCSC Admiral Mullen is concerned with positive relationships, and does consider some ISI relationships dysfunctional and unacceptable. He has been to Pakistan 18 times, and perhaps Pakistan and its Dictator General Kayani might think the Admiral is a bit too clingy.

ADM. MULLEN: I think the heart of your question goes to the ISI. And specifically — and I’ve said before and would repeat that it’s an organization that, actually, we have, in ways, a very positive relationship, very healthy relationship between our intelligence organizations.
And there have been — that said, there have been elements of the ISI that have got relationships — a relationship with extremist organizations, and that we — you know, I, we, consider that unacceptable.

Admiral Mullen has even provided evidence that Pakistan is assisting the Taliban. It is always difficult in a relationship to confront a cheating partner. But the Admiral and the War Leaders do not worry about their relationship with Congress. Don’t ask, don’t tell when it is Congress.

Several Congressional officials said that despite repeated requests over the years for information about Pakistani support for militant groups, they usually receive vague and inconclusive briefings from the Pentagon and CIA.

There is a reason for vague and inconclusive briefings. There is a reason the Government spies on military officers and journalists and everyone else, including Congress. The secrets must be kept.

The two NSA whistleblowers, Adrienne Kinne and David Murfee Faulk, were interviewed by ABC News’ Brian Ross.  Kinne said that "US military officers, American journalists and American aid workers were routinely intercepted and ‘collected on’ as they called their offices or homes in the United States."  He also said his co-workers "were ordered to transcribe these calls."   Faulk told Ross:  "when one of my co-workers went to a supervisor and said:  ‘but sir, there are personal calls,’ the supervisor said: ‘my orders were to transcribe everything’."   He said that the intercepted calls included highly personal and intimate conversations and even phone sex.

One of the spymasters who spies on everyone is Michael Hayden, who ran the NSA until 2005. Hayden is trying to create a Gestapo Police state in the United States. He thinks the upside is Pakistan is a difficult partner. But Wikileaks is a tragedy, especially for warmongers.

Hayden is not a pseudo-romantic and he is not neurotically attached to his own self importance.

First of all, let’s look at the "up" side of this release. These documents "prove" that war is grittier when viewed by an infantryman than by a policymaker; that Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, is a difficult partner; that in war innocent civilians sometimes die; and that the Taliban has been growing in strength over the past several years. Not quite "stop the presses" kind of revelations…

And all of this because of some corrupted view of the inherent evils of the modern state, a pseudo-romantic attachment to the absolute value of transparency, a casual indifference to inevitable consequences and a neurotic attachment to one individual’s self importance. Rarely have we seen such a dangerous combination of arrogance and incompetence.

Perhaps we should ask heaven to help us, because our intelligence services will surely be less able to do so.

With help such as Michael Hayden who needs heaven or the ISI. But Michael Hayden and his fellow war criminals do have help. The QDR Report sets out the blueprint. It describes how to infiltrate even more neo-cons into the national security "community", and purge the unreliable liberals and defeatists. All agencies of the government will now serve neo-con national security goals. Their fascist takeover has a name, "Whole Of Government".

Both the QDR and the recently released National Security Strategy (NSS) use the term ?whole of government, to denote the integration of all tools of national power (defense, diplomacy, economic, development, democratic reform and human rights, homeland security, intelligence, strategic communications, and the American people and the private sector) in support of U.S. national security goals and objective.

There is also something called "continuum-of-service". This would allow government employees to move fluidly between the private sector and "other employment". This other employment would include difficult jobs that should not be publicized such as, Assassins, Torturers, Secret Informants and work in False Flag Operations.

Instituting a continuum-of-service model that allows service members to move fluidly between the active and reserve components and between the military, private sector, civil service, and other employment.

Relationships are always difficult, especially between bloodthirsty governments such as the USA and Pakistan. Pakistan has promised Hillary Clinton and the clingy Generals and Admirals it will not use "strategy in depth" anymore, that is funding terrorism directed against the US military occupiers. Because without Pakistan support, the War on Terror cannot be won. Without US taxpayers, Pakistan would have to pay terrorists much less. But the ISI is getting a new financial bailout, $500 million, just as Goldman Sachs gets bailouts. Hillary is also getting clingy with General Kayani.

This month, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in one of the frequent visits by American officials to Islamabad, announced $500 million in assistance and called the United States and Pakistan “partners joined in common cause.”

Someone should also tell President Obama, that declaring victory in 2011 and bringing the troops home is not an option. Stephen Hadley and Richard Armitage have a better plan, more war. Destroying the Obama Presidency is a small but necessary price to pay for the neo-cons wars.

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