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Why the Hell Haven’t the Democrats Kicked Ben Nelson Out of the Caucus?

Guess who won’t be voting to confirm Elena Kagan?

Two disclaimers are called for here:

1. I really have no interest in seeing Elena Kagan confirmed. She’s a cipher, she reeks of Harvard and blissful lack of awareness of the lower class, and is probably going to roll for the conservative judges on corporate issues.

2. I really have no interest in the well-being of the Democratic Party, they’ve done nothing but sell out the left at every turn over the past 2 years, and saddled the middle class with buying insurance they won’t be able to afford from companies that will still be allowed to deny payment for services which should be covered.

Perhaps that second point shouldn’t really be a disclaimer, as I feel that continuing to include Ben Nelson in the caucus really reflects the Democrat’s love of the "rotating villain".

That said, it’s very surprising to me that not one Democrat has, in all of the countless betrayals, suggested that Nelson leave the party. I mean, when you’re voting to the right of Lindsey "Who Needs the 14th Amendment?" Graham, perhaps you’ve overstayed your welcome in the (purportedly) left-wing party.

I mean shit, Droopy Joe Lieberman’s Progressive Punch score is over 20 percent higher than Nelson’s. And Holy Joe campaigned for the Republicans in 2008.

I know the Democrats are a party of spineless, gutless corporate whores, but you would think they would show at least a modicum self respect and punt out the bridge troll who opposes them at every conceivable turn. It’s not like they have any inclination to USE their alleged majority at this point anyway.

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