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The “Maverick” Is Back!

That guy who used to use parliamentary maneuvers to be an out-and-out shit and get a lot of credibility for being a “Maverick”? He’s back.

Sen. John McCain might delay confirmation of President Obama’s next national intelligence director, a spokesperson said Sunday.

McCain is awaiting a report, content unspecified, that will determine whether he will ask Majority Leader Harry Reid to avoid bringing the nomination of Gen. James Clapper (ret.) to the floor. A vote was expected this week and Clapper, who converted doubters on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was expected to be easily confirmed.

Mind you, one possible reason Ambinder speculates the old “Maverick” might hold up Clapper has to do with intelligence contracting. Which, if he did it, I’d frankly applaud (better warn bmaz about that right now).

Gosh, it’s been since campaign finance reform that McCain and I were (might be) on the same side of an issue.

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