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I seek a person who considers themself an aggressive organizer

I seek a person who considers themself an aggressive organizer to find people who will get other people to send emails to conservative contributors in order to obtain progressive legislation.

Although the position appears a volunteer one, you will receive the satisfaction that millions of less fortunate people will earn a minimum $10 an hour when they work, millions of other people will have a real prescription drug benefit in Medicare Part B so they only have to pay one set of Medicare premiums and yearly deductibles to get one drug benefit instead of 2, that millions of other people will get the strongest public option health care system which will challenge the pirate insurance companies and the pirate pharmaceutical companies, and millions of union workers will get to elect to join a union without employer pressure not to, and millions of people will see the end to wars of plunder and blunder and finally millions of people will put an end to filibusters by callow careless conservative pococurantes.

So if you get satisfaction from helping millions of other people then this volunteer job belongs to you.


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