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An explosion has destroyed a house in Gaza, injuring many.

A large explosion has shaken the home of a senior Hamas military commander in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas sources told the BBC the blast hit the home of Alaa al-Danaf. He reportedly survived the blast unharmed but his brother Abed was injured.

Up to 30 people were injured in the explosion, which Palestinians said was caused by an Israeli missile strike.

However, Israel’s military denied any involvement, saying it had not launched any strikes in the area.

Other explanations suggest themselves…..or are suggested.

militants have sometimes been killed unexpectedly while preparing bombs and not in direct conflict.

Others, possibly less reliable, have pointed out that the Israelis maintain an enormous and complex tunnel network running throughout Gaza and use it to smuggle in Russian, Chinese and Iranian missiles, disassembled. Sometimes they fire these things into Israeli territory in an effort to convince people that they’ve been attacked.
Therefore, it’s perfectly likely that this explosion, if it didn’t come from above, might have been caused by an Israeli tunneler.

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