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Call Your Member of Congress and Ask Where They Stand on Ending Marijuana Prohibition

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Recent polling by Angus-Reid shows that a majority of Americans favor the legalization of marijuana. Moreover, a SurveyUSA poll in California indicates that 74% of people between the ages of 18-34 favor legalization. Young voters historically turn out in low numbers in midterm elections, so you would think that our elected officials might think twice before indulging in Diane Feinstein’s “reefer madness” hysteria.

So where have members of the House come down on marijuana bills in the past?

H.R. 3093: The 2007 amendment sponsored by Maurice Hinchey (D-NY) and Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) would have cut off funding for the DEA to prevent states from implementing medical marijuana laws.  It failed, with a vote of 262-155 though 15 Republicans voted “aye.” Peter Geither at DrugWarRant liveblogged the debate in the House.  In 2004, the amendment failed 268-148 (liveblog), and in 2003 the vote was 273-252.

H.R. 2943 and H.R. 5843: Sponsored by Barney Frank, H.R. 2943 (2009) and H.R. 5843 would have limited the federal government’s ability to arrest and prosecute people for the personal use of marijuana.  Neither amendment came up for a vote, but cosponsors are listed.

The 10th Amendment Caucus:  Conservative Republicans in the House recently formed a 10th Amendment Caucus, to uphold the principle that “the federal government should not interfere in matters that are fully within the purview of the states.”  Theoretically, they should support the right of states to determine their own policy on medical marijuana.   With no small amount of irony, caucus member Jason Chaffetz recently introduced a bill to overturn Washington DC’s new medical marijuana law.  It may be that caucus exists for little more than demagoguing pet issues.  One has to wonder if Chaffetz has even read the 10th Amendment.

Finally, Ryan Grim of the Huffington Post contacted members of Congress to ask where they stood on Prop 19, the California ballot initiative which would legalize marijuana for personal use.  Their comments are illuminating, if only for their extreme timidity.

If you have links that indicate where your Senator or member of Congress stands with regard to marijuana, leave it in the comments.  Better yet, give them a call and ask….

State Dist. Party Last First PVI 3093 2943 10th Amdt Task Force 5843 Public position on Prop 19 (CA legalization)
HI 1 D Abercrombie Neil 11 X
NY 5 D Ackerman Gary 12 X
NJ 1 D Andrews Robert E. 12 X
WA 3 D Baird Brian 0 X
WI 2 D Baldwin Tammy 15 X X X
CA 31 D Becerra Xavier 29 X
NV 1 D Berkley Shelley 10 X
CA 28 D Berman Howard 23 X
NY 1 D Bishop Timothy X
GA 2 D Bishop Jr. Sanford D. 1 X
OR 3 D Blumenauer Earl 1 X X
PA 1 D Brady Robert 35 X
CA 23 D Capps Lois 12 X
MA 8 D Capuano Michael E. 32 X X
MO 3 D Carnahan Russ 7 X
IN 7 D Carson André 14 X
CA 32 D Chu Judy 15 “I haven’t had the chance to study Proposition 19 to a point that I can take a position on it.”
MO 1 D Clay Jr. William Lacy 27 X X
MO 5 D Cleaver Emanuel 10 X
TN 9 D Cohen Steve 23 X
MI 14 D Conyers Jr. John 34 X
CA 20 D Costa Jim 5 “I would be inclined at this time not to support [the proposition]. I would want to see that law enforcement is comfortable.”
CT 2 D Courtney Joe 6 X
NY 7 D Crowley Joseph 26 X
CA 53 D Davis Susan 14 X
IL 7 D Davis Danny K. 35 X
OR 4 D DeFazio Peter 19 X
CO 1 D DeGette Diana 21 X
MA 10 D Delahunt William 5 X
CT 3 D DeLauro Rosa L. 9 X
TX 25 D Doggett Lloyd 6 X
PA 14 D Doyle Mike 19 X
MN 5 D Ellison Keith 23 X
NY 17 D Engel Eliot 18 X
CA 17 D Farr Sam 19 X
PA 2 D Fattah Chaka 38 X
CA 51 D Filner Bob 8 X
MA 4 D Frank Barney 14 X X X
AZ 8 D Giffords Gabrielle -4 X
TX 20 D Gonzalez Charlie A. 8 X
TX 9 D Green Al 22 X
AZ 7 D Grijalva Raul 6 X
IL 4 D Gutierrez Luis 32 X
IL 17 D Hare Phil 3 X
CA 36 D Harman Jane 12 X
NY 27 D Higgins Brian 4 X
NY 22 D Hinchey Maurice 6 X X
HI 2 D Hirono Mazie K. 14 X
NH 2 D Hodes Paul W. 3 X
NJ 12 D Holt Rush 5 X
CA 15 D Honda Mike 15 X Lean yes on 19
MD 5 D Hoyer Steny H. 11 X
WA 1 D Inslee Jay 9 X
NY 2 D Israel Steve 4 X
IL 2 D Jackson Jr. Jesse L. 36 X
TX 18 D Jackson Lee Sheila 24 X
GA 4 D Johnson Henry C. “Hank” Jr. 24 X
TX 30 D Johnson Eddie Bernice 27 X
PA 11 D Kanjorski Paul E. 4 X
OH 9 D Kaptur Marcy 10 X
RI 1 D Kennedy Patrick 13 X
MI 5 D Kildee Dale 11 X
MI 13 D Kilpatrick Carolyn 31 X
WI 3 D Kind Ron 4 X
OH 10 D Kucinich Dennis J. 8 X X
RI 2 D Langevin Jim 9 X
CT 1 D Larson John B. 13 X
CA 9 D Lee Barbara 37 X X Publicly supports
GA 5 D Lewis John 26 X
IA 2 D Loebsack David 7 X
CA 16 D Lofgren Zoe 16 X X
NY 18 D Lowey Nita 9 X
NY 14 D Maloney Carolyn 26 X
CO 4 D Markey Betsy -6 X
CA 5 D Matsui Doris O. 15 X
NY 4 D McCarthy Carolyn 6 X
MN 4 D McCollum Betty 13 X
WA 7 D McDermott Jim 31 X X X
MA 3 D McGovern James 9 X
LA 3 D Melancon Charlie -12 X
CA 7 D Miller George 19 X X Publicly supports
AZ 5 D Mitchell Harry E. -5 X
KS 3 D Moore Dennis -3 X
WI 4 D Moore Gwen 22 X
VA 8 D Moran Jim 16 X
PA 5 D Murphy Christopher S. 2 X
NY 8 D Nadler Jerrold 22 X
CA 38 D Napolitano Grace 18 X
MA 2 D Neal Richard E. 9 X
MN 8 D Oberstar James L. 3 X
WI 7 D Obey David R. 3 X
MA 1 D Olver John 14 X
NJ 6 D Pallone Jr. Frank 8 X
NJ 8 D Pascrell Jr. Bill 10 X
AZ 4 D Pastor Ed 13 X
NJ 10 D Payne Donald M. 33 X
CO 7 D Perlmutter Ed 4 X
MN 7 D Peterson Collin C. -5 X
CO 2 D Polis Jared 11 X
NC 4 D Price David 8 X
NY 15 D Rangel Charles B. 41 X
TX 23 D Rodriguez Ciro -4 X
NJ 9 D Rothman Steven 9 X
CA 34 D Roybal-Allard Lucille 22 X
MD 2 D Ruppersberger Dutch 7 X
IL 1 D Rush Bobby L. 34 X
OH 17 D Ryan Tim 12 X
CA 39 D Sanchez Linda 12 X
CA 47 D Sanchez Loretta 4 X
MD 3 D Sarbanes John P. 6 X
IL 9 D Schakowsky Jan 20 X
CA 29 D Schiff Adam 14 X
GA 13 D Scott David 15 X
VA 3 D Scott Robert C. “Bobby” 20 X
NY 16 D Serrano José E. 41 X
PA 7 D Sestak Joe 3 X
NH 1 D Shea-Porter Carol 0 X
CA 27 D Sherman Brad 13 X Has yet to announce position, per staff
NJ 13 D Sires Albio 21 X
NY 28 D Slaughter Louise 15 X
CA 13 D Stark Pete 22 NV X publicly back Proposition 19
OH 13 D Sutton Betty 5 X
CA 1 D Thompson Mike 13 Undecided
MA 6 D Tierney John 7 X
NY 10 D Towns Edolphus 38 X
MD 8 D Van Hollen Chris 21 X
NY 12 D Velázquez Nydia M. 33 X
MN 1 D Walz Timothy J. -1 X
CA 35 D Waters Maxine 31 X Has yet to announce position, per staff
CA 33 D Watson Diane E. 35 X
NC 12 D Watt Mel 16 X
CA 30 D Waxman Henry 18 X Undecided
NY 9 D Weiner Anthony D. 5 X
VT AL D Welch Peter 13 X
CA 6 D Woolsey Lynn 23 X “I am not convinced that legalization of marijuana is appropriate at this time”
OR 1 D Wu David 8 X
KY 3 D Yarmuth John A. 2 X
MD 6 R Bartlett Roscoe -13 X
CA 45 R Bono Mary -3 Opposes 19
GA 10 R Broun Paul C. -15 X
CA 48 R Campbell Tom -6 X Has yet to announce position, per staff
AZ 6 R Flake Jeff -15 X
CA 24 R Gallegly Elton -4 Opposes 19
NJ 5 R Garrett Scott -7 X X
CA 49 R Issa Darrell -10 “I’m not completely averse to looking at those laws. I am concerned that we look at all the fundamentals.”
IL 15 R Johnson Timothy V. -6 X
OH 14 R LaTourette Steven C. -3 X
CA 41 R Lewis Jerry -10 Opposes 19
CA 3 R Lungren Daniel E. -6 Opposes 19 – state’s attorney general, he waged a relentless war against medical marijuana
CA 4 R McClintock Tom -10 X Has yet to announce position, per staff
TX 14 R Paul Ron -18 X X X
GA 6 R Price Tom -19 X
MT AL R Rehberg Dennis -7 X
CA 46 R Rohrabacher Dana -6 X X Yes in principle to 19
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