30 Jul 2010

NV Sen: Despite Angle’s Ongoing Trouble, Reid Still in the Danger Zone

Democrats felt they lucked out when Sharron Angle became the Republican nominee to challenge Majority Leader Harry Reid for his Nevada Senate seat. Most observers concur that Angle is a bad candidate–prone to gaffes, plenty of baggage, and a public record of views that can easily be attacked as falling

30 Jul 2010

The We-Could-Go-Either-Way-On-Defamation League Weighs In

The ADL can’t make up its mind whether it’s the Anti-Defamation League or the Pro-Defamation League when it comes to the Not-Actually-Visible-From-Ground-Zero Community Center With A Mosque Inside.

30 Jul 2010

The Preservation Generation: Military Resistance In Our Time

The Preservation Generation: Military Resistance In Our Time.

30 Jul 2010

Special Trash: Lungs For The Long Run

Trash this joint!

30 Jul 2010

DREAM Now Letters Recap: The CHC Has To Stand With Migrant Youth, Not Against Us

The “DREAM Now Series: Letters to Barack Obama” is a social media campaign that launched Monday, July 19, to underscore the urgent need to pass the DREAM Act. The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act, S. 729, would help tens of thousands of young people, American in

30 Jul 2010

Krugman: Warren Appointment to CFPB May Remedy Progressives’ “Enthusiasm Gap”

NYT’s Paul Krugman hits on a familiar topic – that the appointing of Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would not only give confidence to consumers that the President stands with them over banksters and scam artists, but to progressives who want to see some signal that their voices are being acknowledged, let alone heard.

30 Jul 2010

Citizens, Resist The Squeeze Play On Your Minds

I’m asking you to do two things. Numero uno. Sharpen your eyes and ears to the noun the corporate media uses to reference you. Numero dos. Every time you are referred to as a consumer (which is virtually every time) say resolutely to yourself, “Citizen.”

30 Jul 2010

A Smart Obama Immigration Policy In The Face Of Political Cowardice

A refreshing immigration proposal from the Obama Administration.

30 Jul 2010

Democrats Forcing GOP’s Hand on Black Farmers, Native American Land Trust Settlements

In addition to everything else the Senate is up to next week, they’re going to try and shoehorn in a unanimous consent request to once and for all approve the black farmers and Native American settlements, known as Pigford and Cobell, in a standalone vote on Monday.

30 Jul 2010

Why Fiduciary Responsibility Beats Moral Responsibility

What can be done as a rich human person vs a rich corporate person when they realize the corporate fiduciary goals aren’t compatible with moral human goals?

It’s very hard to convince the people running corporations to put moral responsibility for people over their fiduciary responsibility for the company. If they fail their fiduciary responsibility they can be fined, fired or go to jail. A moral responsibility can be spun. “I give to charities. I give to churches. I pay taxes.” But many rich powerful people are going beyond immediate fiduciary responsibility to a company. They are also funding right wing think tanks. lobbyists and other groups who actively work to create the current situations that many people are in, as well as hurt groups that are working to help people.

I question one concerned Venture capitalist about how his actions, outside of his corporate fiduciary actions, supported or fought against the current human suffering in our economy.