With its usual disregard for the protection of its citizens, Texas has filed suit against the EPA for its rejection of the state’s polluting practices. The continuing issuance of permits to befoul the air has kept the state out of compliance with federal standards that protect citizens from disease-bearing pollutants. That just makes business/state government mad.

The EPA has sought in the usual ways to encourage and guide the state, but in its usual bravado that insists only by despoiling the natural resources can Texas promote business, this state administration under Gov. (Don’t Succeed, Secede) Perry stands strong for dirty air.

In the latest turn in the ongoing battle between state and federal air-pollution regulators, Texas’s attorney general filed a legal challenge on Monday against the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA’s rejection of Texas’ permitting program for large industrial plants last month constituted "improper overreach by the federal government," according to the release from Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office.
The EPA has said that Texas’ system of "flexible" permits — in which an industrial plant must meet an overall pollution limit but does not set caps on individual units within the plant — does not accord with the requirements in federal law. More than 120 plants are affected.

The state of Texas has led red states in its violation of generally accepted standards of failure to protect the public. It also leads in the amount of taxpayer dollars it siphons into state projects. In 2008 and 2009, federal funds were more than 30% of total funding for all state spending. With this level of sucking the public teat, the state officials are well able to hold their breath until they turn blue when it’s a matter of federal law.

Ruth Calvo

Ruth Calvo

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