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The Predictable Tactics of Beaten Cowards

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No one with any modicum of intelligence and common sense believes the lies and distortions spread by the National Organization For Marriage and other allegedly civilized anti-equality groups like it. That's pretty much a given. I don't even need to point out all the abundance of proof out there that confirms the hypocrisy and bigotry that makes them all weepy whenever someone rightfully points it out and calls them bigots. Blogs all over the blogosphere have already dissected them in spades. Blogs like Good As You, Box Turtle Bulletin, right here at Pam's House Blend), and Holy Bullies & Headless Monsters all have numerous entries completely taking apart NOM's lies, fact-distortions, victim-claiming, and bullying. The evidence is out there.

No, THIS blog is about two specific big-time losers amonst the haters, who challenged me publicly, failed miserably, and tried desperately to spindoctor things to paint me as an emotional homofacsist who couldn't beat their arguments and resorted to screaming obscenities at them. Of course since both men in question deleted major chunks of our conversation in history in their respective, (but far from respectable) blogs, they certainly can't prove that claim. The two men, (and I use that term very loosely given their behavior), in question are self-proclaimed then vehemently denied NOM strategist Louis J Marinelli, and generally ignored and unheard of hate blogger and self-proclaimed hetero-separatist Carl Morris, AKA Mantronikk. Both men are passionate bigots, hatemongers spreading fear through lies and distortions, both of whom swear up and down they aren't bigots or haters or liars but just good honest men fighting to protect traditional marriage from selfish gay folks. They don't HATE us mind you, they just expect us to believe their beliefs have more weight to define marriage law than true civil equality does.

I will pause for a moment while you all get your maniacal laughter under control.



Okay, now that we've all laughed at the silly whining little bullies claims of persecution, let's get to the meat of things. Both of these men have, in their arrogance, publicly challenged me, (why I don't know, Pam or Alvin or Timothy are FAR more famous and could get the little weasels a LOT more press than an obscure paegan blogger like me ever could), to a debate (Carl) and to prove dishonesty (Louis). Both men were convinced of their superiority. Both men failed, BIG time. First of all, as I said in my update last night to my last blog entry, Carl proved very clearly, in his own words, on his own blog, and in the comments of said last blog entry of mine, that, while publicly challenging me to a mature intelligent debate over marriage equality, his only real goal was to attempt to goad me into screaming at him so he could dismiss me as a nutjob with no valid points.

He of course failed miserably. Instead of freaking out on him, I continued to post, calmly pointing out his hypocrisy, and telling him our debate was on hold until he apologised for unneccesary childish insults like “The She-Man of Hedon” and “The Shemale of Heroin”, agree to keep the discussion civil, and I would happily continue the debate. Predictably he tried to twist this into me making excuses to flee the debate in tears because I couldn't refute any of his claims.

I once again, on his blog, my blog, and even Louis' blog where Carl first issued the challenge, that I was more than happy to continue once he apologised, and that the debate was on hold only because of his refusal to do so. Realizing that he could not bully me into playing his game his way, and that he was NOT going to get the big nutjob freakout he needed to discredit me, he posted a blog publicly admitting that he deleted my last three comments, citing my refusal to answer one of his deceitful questions, of course completely disavowing the whole part about me simply waiting for him to apologise, which included me PROMISING to answer that very question once he did so. Like a true collossal failure he honestly believes he beat me while being completely oblivious to how his VERY OWN WORDS prove his bigotry and his failure to even come close to challenging me, let alone beating me. As evidenced by his childish comment to Louis' blog last night.

He followed up with the even more delusional “I've already banned her from my blog. She's all about her emotions and false accusations and name-calling. I think I'm finally rid of her. “. Sorry Carl, but the facts and evidence prove otherwise. On the subject of Louis' blog, you might notice the comments section in that screencap looks different. That would bge because Louis completely deleted his entire blog's ENTIRE COMMENT HISTORY and switched from the default Google/Blogspot comment system to Disqus. Except as we all know, Louis isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and his attempts to censor and distort the truth often backfire on him.

First of all, I'm hardly the only one who's pointed out the sudden mysterious disappearance of hundreds of comments that wipe the floor with Louis' failed lies and prove his deception and bigotry. Secondly, while he himself has not, and of course will never acknoweldge the deletion, or that any older comments ever existed, (I'll bet money he swears there were no comments on his blog ever prior to adding Dusqus if pressed for a comment), his lack of thorough thought has screwed him once again as it has so many times before. Ironically, on a blog entry targetting me to begin with. And after deleting his blog's comment history, he predictably forgot to go back and edit THIS blog. Why is that important?

Because Louis used a screencap of one of my now-deleted comments to his blog, proving unequivicobly that comments against his lies did in fact exist prior to yesterday, and that he did in fact wipe them all out like a coward. Oh and notice how in that first screencap a few paragraphs back how Louis admits, (though for fabricated reasons) that he can't wait to blacklist me? Yeah Louis, censorship is the biggest indicator of a coward. When you cannot with fact or logic refute the facts and logic used to counter your stance, a reasonable intelligent person adapts his stance to the facts. An unreasonable bullying coward distorts the facts until they suit his stance.

Carl, Louis, you are both unreasonable men. You have both been caught lying, and even better, like the idiots you sadly are, you yourselves both confirmed everything I say about you IN YOUR OWN WORDS. You've both publicly said things that, while in your delusional worlds were awesome witty dismissals of me, were in fact only successful in vindicating me and destroying your lies. You yourselves have caused your straw houses to crumble.

And all I had to do was confront you with facts that you can't ignore or distort, and you both fell apart like Legos. Anyone can just point at a hater and say “That is a hateful bigot”. But when you can use brutal honesty to trick the haters into revealing their hate and bigotry plain as day in their own words, it's truly a beautiful thing.

Louis' credibility, while never very high to begin with, is now completely destroyed. And Carl's poorly planned attempt to discredit me and get some internet fame at my expense backfired horribly. Both men, through their very own words and actions, have proven them to be lying, dishonest, hateful homophobic bullies. And all I had to do was tell the truth to make them do so.

Louis believes all gay folks are polygamous pedophiles.

Carl thinks all gays are facsists trying to destroy society.

And both men claim they are neither liars, bigots nor hateful.

Louis has tried to dismiss me by saying my marriage isn't real so he isn't obligated to answer marriage questions I ask him. Carl posted this bullshit in response to someone pointing out to him that he was in fact holding the debate hostage by demanding an answer in exchange for his apology.

“I wouldv'e been happy to have an adult debate with the delusions-of-grandeur-having “Shaman,” until she spoke to me with contempt. I normally don't play these type of juvenile games, but I'm also not going to wear a tuxedo in a bar fight. The “Shaman” will not answer my SIMPLE question about someone teaching HER kids that homosexuality was wrong without her consent and seeks to distract me from that fact with false accusations of “bigotry” and “hatemongering” and a avalanche of words that still don't answer my simple question. I've gone out of my way to denounce hatred in my manifesto (click on the “h” to see it), the definition of a “heteroseparatist,” and my logo, and the “Shaman” comes at me accusing me of hate. She's just mad that I was able to alter ONE letter of her lofty title and add a hyphen and collapse her huge ego. And the fact that she is definitely not a lipstick/feminine lesbian only added to the strength of my improvised-psychological-device. I'm done trying to get through to abusive homofascists, hence the creation of my word/website/blog/concept…heteroSEPARATIST. I don't want to fight anyone, but when I'm cornered and attacked, I'm going to really surprise my attacker”.

And yet HIS OWN BLOG offers an abundance of proof that he is lying through his teeth. As I pointed out yesterday, he was juvenile and derogatory before the debate even began, and my so-called contempt was simply my brutal honesty dissecting his anti-gay claims. I suggest checking out the comments I left that he did put through and has yet to delete for proof of this. But then what can you expect from a guy who cites Peter LaBarbera and his ilk as exoperts on homosexuality?

For the record, here is his definition of a Hetero-Separatist, as taken from his own website.


a: A person who rejects homofascism, homosexuality, and homophobia.

b: A person, entity, or organization that respectfully declines to associate with any or all divisions of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender community, but does not hate, fear, or persecute people that are GLBT.

c: A person who quietly shuns people and environments that are antihetero.”

You know that sounds awfully familiar. Now where have I heard a statement like that before?

Sorry boys. You've both failed miserably, and you did so with your very own words and actions. And I'm still here, and I'm still an uppity lesbian, and I will still speak the truth whereever and whenever I can, and none of your lying or bullying or distortions will EVER shut me up.

The only way you will ever be rid of me is death. And even with a terminal illness, I am simply too goddamned stubborn to die.

Deal with it.

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