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Early Morning Swim: Chris Hayes Examines the Wikileaks Story on MSNBC

Meanwhile, can we please leave this completely insane clusterf**k?

Pakistani officials reacted angrily Monday to the publication of a trove of U.S. military documents that suggested Pakistan’s spy agency collaborated with the Taliban, saying the United States is using their country as a scapegoat for its failing war. […]

Retired Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, a former Pakistani spy chief who was repeatedly implicated in the documents, also lashed out at the allegations that he aided the Taliban attacks. Gul is accused, among other things, of directing Pakistan-based militants to craft plans for strikes inside Afghanistan, including one meant as payback for the death of an al-Qaeda operative killed by a U.S. drone attack.

In an interview Monday, he said the leaked documents should prompt Pakistan to drop its alliance with the United States. The Americans are “facing defeat in Afghanistan and to cover that, they are coming up with false allegations against Pakistan,” he said. “This is a pack of lies to malign [the] Pakistan army and the ISI.”

Get. Out. Now.

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