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USA Can’t Protect Its Soldiers’ Lives From Wikileaks

National Security Advisor General James Jones condemned the new leak of thousands of military reports on Afghanistan. link

The United States strongly condemns the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organizations which could put the lives of Americans and our partners at risk, and threaten our national security.

  1. IMHO, you, the reader, know that a leaked report about marines shooting a school bus isn’t a real military secret. The Afghans know it already. Right? It’s a political inconvenience for hawks and their allies.
  2. There’s a list a mile long of little inconvenient facts, that make the war look less and less like "mission accomplished"

  3. So when the facts do come out, we have the voice behind the curtain echoing out. "For Your Own Protection Do Not Gaze On The Words Of the Devil!!!" "We Are Your True Protectors" "Thou Shall Not See The Reports"

It’s a comedy act! The "Defense" agency is going to "Defend" you by "Creating a Image Of The War Going Well"

To The War Clowns In charge of the War, the actual results of the war are a threat to the whole Clown system.

But these clowns are saying that they are actually protecting you and me. From these terrible truths. About them.

Remember, our country is under assault. Our only hope is for you to shut your eyes. Shut them hard enough and we might get through this!

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