Pulling an all-nighter

In our continuing series of Why Can’t Megan Do Long Division we see that she has made a small addition to her Smearing Elizabeth Warren white paper:

Oh.  That was the problem. It wasn’t that she cobbled together a half-assed post after skimming over some of Warren’s work and everyone was all, “McArdle, please”. She’s doling it out her masterpiece in parts like The Lord of of Rings (or maybe Police Academy I-VI ) to keep us coming back for the big reveal. So, setting aside the Pottery Barn catalogs, she hunkered down over the weekend working laboriously on that extra-credit report in a vain attempt to pull her grade up since she failed to ace her mid-terms and now Daddy’s gonna take the T-Bird away.

That might explain this:

Oh the pressures of being the last in a long line of academics who are intellectually stimulating. Packs of cigarettes were smoked, pots of coffee (french press, of course) were consumed, academic papers were skimmed and cherry-picked in an effort to create a majestic tapestry of McArdle-bargle that (hopefully!) no one will double-check for accuracy. Or addition errors.

So Warren might as well pack it in and head back to Oklahoma. She’s finished. Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt!

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