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Off the Deep End: A Teabagger Tradition

Teabaggers like to believe they’re a new political movement, but there’s nothing new about them. Their right wing extremism, ignorance, racism and reactionary self-righteousness are as old as humanity. There were Teabaggers in ancient Israel, they were known as the Pharisees. There were Teabaggers in Spain, they burned heretics at the stake for the Inquisition. There were Teabaggers in South Africa during the days of Apartheid, they imprisoned Nelson Mandela for 28 years. There are Teabaggers all over Afghanistan, they’re known as the Taliban. There are even Teabaggers in the animal kingdom, they’re called Parrots.

Right wing extremism, ignorance, racism and reactionary self-righteousness have never been a good combination, but they are all on full display everywhere the Teabaggers of this country gather. It doesn’t matter where they meet to celebrate their hypocrisy, it doesn’t matter what their misspelled signs say, it doesn’t matter who or what they’re babbling about, the spectacle is always the same. They profane democracy with their irrational tantrums about Obama, they parrot the right wing propaganda of those character assassins at Fox News, they debase reality itself with their paranoia, they parade around as patriots, but they don’t have a clue what patriotism is.

The lies of Limbaugh and Hannity and Beck are their weapons, their Teabagger fingers are always on the trigger, they fire their lies and reload, fire and reload, fire and reload. If you’re a progressive you’re a target, if you register minority voters you‘re a target, if you’re in a union you’re a target, if you warn about global warming you’re a target, if you don‘t bow down and worship at the Altar of Fox News, you‘re a target.

They aren’t patriots, they’re right wing extremists. They have no respect for democracy. When Democrats win elections, Teabaggers call it tyranny. The lights went out in their attics long ago, but we’re all supposed to listen to their tedious tantrums. They say they want to take America back. Well how far back do you want to take it, Teabaggers? To 1950? To 1850? To the 12th Century? To the Stone Age?

America is paying a very heavy price for those right wing policies you love so much. Deregulation and tax cuts for the rich have shattered our economy. Endless wars have shattered our military and bankrupted our Treasury. Oil company profiteering has savaged our Gulf Coast. The Bill of Rights has been burned to ashes except for your blood-drenched 2nd Amendment, which you wave in our faces as you incite sedition and call it patriotism.

Tell me no more of your Tea Party stories, tell me no more of your Hannity lies, your leaders are frauds, your words are just noise, your eyes cannot see and your ears cannot hear. Don’t bother replying, it would just be more lying, your minds are filled with irrational fear, of Blacks and Hispanics, of Asians and Muslims, of all of God’s children who look different from you.

Put away all your signs and spare us your slogans, stop pointing your finger at everyone else, that ideology you’re so proud of has brought us this nightmare, of bankers and profiteers out of control, of oil on our shores and blood on our hands, from torture and bombing and Middle East wars. You deserve no attention, you deserve no respect, you deserve condemnation and so does Glenn Beck. He lies and deceives, he smears and he slanders, he‘s gone off the deep end, but that’s nothing new, like Palin and Bachmann, like Gingrich and Cheney, your heroes all do that, that’s all that they do.

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