Disinformation metastasis


As pointed out by Susan, Megan McArdle’s disinformation jihad against Elizabeth Warren is starting to spread and has moved from the amusing (“Megan was absent for Get To Know Your Calculator Day at MBA school”) to the dangerous as she, and the people who give her direction (providing she is truly not as stupid as she makes pains to appear) attempt to derail any effective leadership at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

There should be a simple rule of thumb that anyone who cites Megan McArdle with regard to anything outside of the virtues of Himalayan pink salt or  the heartbreak of gawkiness should  immediately  be asked to recuse themselves from the debate.

I should note that this would also apply to anyone who cites Amity Schlaes on history or Jonah Goldberg on, well, pretty much anything.

Added: I want to pull this from mmanion’s comment below:

McCardle is infuriating because she consistently makes the most egregious rookie mistake in her ‘research,’ assuming absence of evidence is evidence of absence (where did she get her MBA? They must not have required writing research papers because this is as hard and fast a rule in research writing as ’show, don’t tell’ is in creative writing). She did this with her post on medical bankruptcy and created an entire argument against govt involvement in healthcare based on the fact that there were missing data on it’s impact in certain areas. It could be assumed by reasonable people that the reason there has not been in-depth research done on whether medical bankruptcy is a major problem for the economy is not evidence that it isn’t an important factor–it’s evidence that it is such a no-brainer no one but a Megan McCardle would require millions of dollars worth of studies to figure out that medical bankruptcy is a bad thing.

Hard to understand why anyone would consider her an authority on anything. I sometimes get the feeling that her fellow bloggers at the Atlantic try to throw some pity business her way by linking to her nonsense. Sort of like having a mentally retarded little sister. Every time she writes something that is a little less stupid than her normal drivel they clap their hands and want to support the effort by pretending she’s a big girl with big girl thoughts they can safely share with their own readers. Must be an embarrassing place to work.

I hate to be on the fence about anything, but I really wonder if Megan McArdle is as stupid as she appears or if she is really just a sociopath. This is not to say that these two things are mutually exclusive…

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