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The last afternoon of panels is stacked, and three of our best have been scheduled at the same time, so FDL will attempt the unprecedented, unscripted and extremely dangerous triple liveblog!

Over on Emptywheel, Rayne will be covering Marcy as she takes on one of Obama’s signature broken promises: the failure to close the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. On our Elections page, Michael Whitney will liveblog a panel on marijuana policy and politics featuring Jon Walker. And at the FDL News Desk, my fingers will do their level best to keep up with David Dayen as he tackles the foreclosure crisis.

All three panels start at 1:45pm PDT. (Full panel descriptions, including lists of other participants, after the jump.)

Please join us in person, in spirit, and/or in the comments!

Speaking of being there, for those in Las Vegas, the Firedoglake caucus will be meeting today at 3:15pm in Miranda 3-4. (Yes, we are conflicting with Sen. Harry Reid. . . because we’re like that.) Come on down!

Close Gitmo and Use our Legal System

A year and a half after his inauguration, Obama has failed to deliver on a key counterterrorism goal: to close Guantanamo Bay. Indeed, with new revelations about a secret prison in Bagram, proposals to legalize indefinite detention, and the festering debates about where to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, questions about how and where we should hold detainees remain contentious. This panel will revisit these questions and discuss ways to close Gitmo and return to the rule of law in our detainee treatment.
PANELISTS: Adam Serwer, Matthew Alexander, Marcy Wheeler, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Vincent Warren


Marijuana Policy and Politics

With a wave of populist energy upending the old political coalitions, bloggers have a leading role to play in redefining the political playing field. One of the openings is drug policy, with marijuana policy in the lead, pulling together the libertarian elements of the Tea Party movement, small-government conservatives and progressives. Medical marijuana is now legal in 14 states, and several more are considering taxing and regulating marijuana for non-medical use. Ballot measures are being considered in several states for 2010 and 2012. By embracing marijuana as a serious issue to be addressed in the context of a broader populist movement, bloggers can help to take it out of the policy and political ghetto where it normally resides and could make genuine progress.
PANELISTS: Russ Belville, Major Neill Franklin, Stephen Gutwillig, Jill Harris, Jon Walker


The Forgotten Foreclosure Crisis

In 2008 and 2009, nearly two million American families lost their homes and Americans are currently entering the foreclosure process at a rate of almost 50,000 per week. Even as the crisis continues to wreak havoc in communities across the country, there has yet to be any effective action underway to slow the rate of foreclosures. The panelists will discuss what went wrong in the fight for bankruptcy modification in 2008 and what steps must be taken to prevent a future housing crisis. They’ll also discuss the role of the netroots in the upcoming congressional battle to enact housing reform and how they can effectively pressure members to take action.
PANELISTS: Sen. Jeff Merkley, Elizabeth Warren, David Dayen, Ryan Grim

Gregg Levine

Gregg Levine