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Late Night: Bad Words — Worse Than Environmental Ruin?

I am as is well-known foursquare against the use of obscenity and profanity in online political discourse; it is totally unnecessary, unbecoming, and immature, and reveals the total lack of education of those who indulge in such ill-bred coarseness. Those troglodyte fuckers can go fuck themselves with a, uh, big giant fuck.

So from this perspective I am perfessionally interested in the reaction to the video over there. —–> (Or up there ,^, depending on the size of your monitor.)

The video was produced by these people; the basic deal is that you watch the video, laugh, send them $13, and of that $5 goes to the charities listed under the Vote link, and the rest goes, presumably, to their crack dealers and Al Qaeda. They do appear to be On The Left, you know, and that is the sort of thing those people would do.

Oh that is a joke. Ha ha ha.

I’m not endorsing this site, neither personally nor from an FDL perspective, because, well, what do I know. Check the link and read around, make up your mind, do what you want. But I am fascinated by the response from our Right Wing Friends (formatting in the original screaming):

‘UnF–’ Ad Mixes Children and Profanity to Push Left Message

And there you go.

If the parents of the kids were OK with this, well, OK then. Otherwise personally I am horrified etc. and demand smelling salts and puncheons of Irish, as this vulgarity makes me feel faint and I require a restorative posthaste, shudder. (Adjusts monocle, prepares epigram on the fatuity of those enamored of the Burne-Jones aesthetic, and so forth.)

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