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“Regrets, I Have a… No, Wait, I Don’t Regret a Thing”

photo: Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Now I’m not a sykiatrist, but it seems to me that nailing that cushy corner CEO’s office of a national (or multinational) corporation requires a lion’s share of sociopathic tendencies. Take Massey Energy CEO Don “The Coal Goiter” Blankenship. At a “lunchtime talk” at the National Press Club, Massey unabashedly let fly his twisted psyche for the world to see, and boy howdy, is it fucking scary:

There were plenty of howlers, but the prize might go to his insistence that mountaintop removal — a particularly destructive form of mining which involves blowing the top off mountains, thereby destroying entire ecosystems — was actually bringing “more wildlife” and “more wetlands” to Appalachia.

So he doesn’t feel at all guilty [about the Upper Big Branch collapse]? “I think that the word guilty is not the right word,” he said. “I feel that I don’t want to experience it again. I feel sorry for the families.”

Don Blakenship, have you met Tony Hayward? I think the two of you would get on famously, once you both get your lives back. Afterward, you could swap dictionaries with The Bard of Wasilla:

“I consider myself a word I created myself, a competitionist,” he said.

Don Blankenship: proof positive that some sort of rigorous psychological profiling and the presence of a conscience should be mandatory before hiring a candidate to run the joint.

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