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Pat Buchanan's latest bigot eruption: 'Losing White America'

“Uncle Pat” pulls out his freshly laundered and pressed Klan sheet and puts it on to write his latest column stoking white fear. Jaw-dropping stuff at Clown Hall.

For though the black community remains solidly behind Obama and the white majority is shrinking toward minority status by 2042 or 2050, depending on which Census survey one uses, whites in America still outnumber blacks five to one. And if forced constantly to come down on one side or the other of a racial divide, most folks will wind up with their own.

In past elections, Democrats have raised race — allegations that black churches were being torched in the South, that George W. Bush’s opposition to a hate crimes bill meant he was coldly indifferent to the dragging death of a handicapped black man — to solidify and energize the minority vote. And, today, that vote remains solid behind Obama.

Where the erosion is taking place is in white America, among working- and middle-class folks who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primaries but took a chance with Obama in the fall. Now, every time some new incident erupts, these folks are being tarred.

…As the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein has been reporting, white America is increasingly alienated and distrustful of all our major economic and political power centers — the banks, big corporations, the government.

And, for the first time in our lifetimes, outside the South, white racial consciousness has visibly begun to rise.

This sounds like one of those indirect calls for white uprising, where Uncle Pat can claim plausible deniability by saying he only refers to the white anger out there, but he needs to be called on this bullsh*te.


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