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CNN thinks I am a 'most intriguing person'

I was contacted out of the blue Wednesday by CNN, asking to interview me for a feature that I’ve not heard of before, “The Most Intriguing People.” I was interviewed on the phone by Managing Editor Jay Kernis, and he said he wanted to feature one of the panelists at Netroots Nation. Now out of the dozens and dozens of speakes here in Vegas (many much more well-known than I am), why on earth did he pick me, lol. Anyway, here is the entry:

Pam Spaulding

Sometimes people in the virtual world need to make physical contact.

Beginning Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada, some 2,000 members of the online progressive community political activists, lawmakers, Obama administration officials, bloggers and comedians will gather and train at the fifth annual Netroots Nation convention.

“Most of us live in virtual space and have political relationships in virtual space, but we rarely get to meet offline,” the editor and publisher of the award-winning blog told CNN on Wednesday. “It’s the one time I get to meet my readers the fans of blogs and political activists.”

Spaulding writes her blog from Durham, North Carolina, where she lives with her wife, Kate. They legally married in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2004.

Spaulding says, “I often blog about difficult subjects, race being one of them, and the predominant audience are LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] readers. I try to make it a safe environment to talk about race, because it’s a difficult topic even within the LGBT community.”

Spaulding is scheduled to appear at three of the 70-plus panels during the convention to discuss “Blogging a Red State Blue,” “Why Women Are the Key to the Future of Progressive Election Victories” and “Political Organizing in the Obama Era.”

Spaulding, 47, says, “I’m not afraid to be wrong. It’s my opinion no one has to agree with me. I welcome dissension and difficult conversations … as long as the conversation is civil.”

Netroots Nation website

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding