The other day, ABC News took note of what has long been suspected. Potential bait-and-switch tactics by Glenn Beck’s sponsor Goldline.

California authorities have launched an investigation into claims that Goldline International — the favorite investment arm of Glenn Beck and Mike Huckabee — is scamming people into buying coins and is sending them “something different from what they had ordered.”

And how do they pull this off?

Some angry customers say Goldline invokes Glenn Beck as a way to steer them to their collectable gold coins, citing his frequent warnings that only gold coins are safe from government seizure.”

Meanwhile, thanks to the efforts of several sane interest groups Beck has lost many of his sponsors — but not, of course, Goldline.

Even Beck is able to put down the “magic hat’ containing Joseph Smith’s Big Book of Crazy History long enough to know if Goldline’s in trouble, he’ll have real tears.

Beck called the recent ABC News report about Goldline “the biggest spin you’ve ever seen” and suggested it was part of a government conspiracy to deprive mainstream Americans of choices in how they invest their savings.

That’s right, in Glennbeckistan only Goldline sells gold. Obviously, these are very savvy investors.



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