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Video of GetEqual ENDA protest shutting down Las Vegas strip

Via The Advocate:

I spoke with GetEqual’s Paul Yandura, who is attending Netroots Nation, and he points the finger straight at the Reid’s and Pelosi’s role in this process:

It’s clear that we have their attention. I’ve received many calls from insiders that the staff of Harry Reid’s as well as the senator are wondering why the LGBT community was unhappy. I told them that we expected him to follow through on his promises and that if we didn’t, we were prepared to hold him accountable.

The insiders that called me on behalf of the senator and the Speaker Pelosi asked why we weren’t focused on the Republicans. We told them that we promised to focus on everyone who stood in the way once they did their jobs and scheduled a vote and that spending time and resources holding other elected officials accountable before a bill was on the floor didn’t make sense. We all know that they would weasel out of having to take a stand by saying “but there’s no bill to react to – I need to see the bill.”

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Pam Spaulding

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