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Sharron Angle Announces Press Conference- Then Runs Away From Reno Media

Nevada’s Sharon Angle… hee. Dontcha love her? I know Harry Reid does!

Here’s the story:

Angle seeks to fill the shoes of the man who is arguably the most powerful person in the Senate right now, but her campaign has gotten off to a shaky start following her primary win.  Angle’s polling numbers may continue to go down following the revelation of the video below in which she dodges any questions from reporters.

The video shows Angle refusing to answer any question after asking the media to attend a “press conference” at a local business.  When the questioning time begins Angle simple turns around and literally walks out the back door and away from reporters.  Angle then gets in an SUV and drives away without answering a single question.  Angle has now refused to answer questions from the press for over a month.

Who does she remind me of, running away from her own press conference and the local Reno media? Oh yes! Brave, brave Sir Robin!


(h/t Joe.My.God)

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