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It turns out that the Scienceblogs strike may be in abeyance. Principal blogger PZ Myers writes:

The strike is over. We had a productive discussion with the Seed Overlords, and I think we’ve clarified issues, got some ideas for further progress, and will be working for a Better World in the Future. Don’t expect any sudden changes here, though — we’ve got a Plan, but it will take time to implement, and the most important thing is that we’re going to be holding certain people’s feet to the fire on a regular basis. We could still explode and send little fragments of Scienceblogs hurtling outward into the greater blogoverse…but we’ve also got ideas to keep it all together. Stay tuned.

Still Alive!

Greg Laden, one of the better known bloggers who was participating in the strike, wrote today:

However, by and large the paychecks arrive, only occasionally a bit late. Seed provided us with a brand new much more dedicated (and very highly qualified) technical support person several days ago, before most of the blogosphere had even heard of Pepsigate. The offending corporate blog was killed hours after it was born in an act of laudable responsiveness by the management. We have been promised better communication, and there has not been a period of over 20 hours or so when I’ve not received a communication of some kind from the management once I let them know that such a thing would be important to me. I’ve heard about the technical support in one memo, about paychecks in a different memo, about the Pepsi blog in two memos, and I’ve got a string of some 36 emails back and forth between various managerial individuals, including the owner, and myself.

The Scienceblogs Strike is Over

For more on the background, I’d suggest reading Bora Zivkovic’s farewell post. It’s a detailed discussion of the issue by the guy many SB bloggers considered to be the heart and soul of the place.

For my part, I hope that they can resolve this. There aren’t that many places where one can go to read science articles from many disciplines. It’s a valuable resource, and a seriously diminished one thanks to some recent problems.



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