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A Simple Quiet Dignity

Dignity required that Hugo Chavez dig up the bones of Simon Bolivar, dead since 1830, to prove that Columbians had poisoned Bolivar.. or possibly to prevent Columbians poisoning Bolivar because.. as Chavez sez

"Bolivar is alive. Let us not see him as a dead man and let us not see him as a skeleton. He is like lightning, like a sacred fire"

The dignity will be televised

With the national anthem playing in the background, a group of scientists wearing white coats rolled up a black cloth, revealing a skeleton on the table below.
The broadcast then faded to black, showing Chavez singing along to the national anthem.

And today, more dignity…."

Colombia on Thursday presented photos and maps it said showed 1,500 leftist Colombian guerrillas hiding in Venezuela and demanded that the government there act against the rebels.

At a meeting of the Organization of American States (OAS), Colombian Ambassador Luis Alfonso Hoyos accused Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s government of tolerating the rebels he said carried out killings, kidnappings and drug-trafficking on both sides of the long frontier

…."In a hole"

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro announced that Chavez’s government has closed its embassy in Bogota and demanded that Colombia’s ambassador in Caracas leave the country within 72 hours.
Maduro accused Colombia of provoking Venezuela, saying Uribe forced Chavez’s hand because he blatantly lied about the rebel presence in Venezuela.
Uribe "has put political and economic relations into a hole," he said.
Venezuela is considering other possible measures to protest "Colombia’s aggressions against our country," Maduro told state television without elaborating. He hinted that the military might take steps to guarantee the sovereignty of Venezuela’s airspace.
Chavez’s envoy to the OAS, Roy Chaderton, said the photographs that Hoyos showed fellow diplomats don’t provide any solid evidence of a guerrilla presence in Venezuela.
Chavez suggested the photographs could be bogus, saying Uribe "is capable of anything."

Whip ’em, Jesus

A week ago, Chavez announced that Venezuela would rethink its relations with the Vatican as tensions rise between his government and Catholic Church representatives who accuse the socialist leader of becoming increasingly authoritarian.
During a televised speech, Chavez instructed his foreign minister to "examine" relations with the Vatican.

In recent weeks, Chavez has said that Christ would whip church leaders for suggesting that he’s steering Venezuela toward a Cuban-style Marxist dictatorship.

The Chinese deadpan it but it’s

"For dignity we do not have other option but to sever diplomatic ties with Colombia," Chavez said after Colombia presented to the Organization of American States (OAS) the accusations about the alleged presence of Colombian guerrilla chiefs in Venezuelan territory.

At the moment of the announcement, Chavez had a meeting with Argentine soccer coach and former player Diego Maradona, at the Miraflores Palace, headquarters of the Venezuelan government.

Laugh Laugh and

O, So Lonely
except for the dignified company of an old footballer with a portrait of Fidel Castro tattooed on his left leg ….and the odd Iranian puppet ruler.

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