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CA I-580 Shooter Was Headed to ACLU Tides Center – Why Tides?

Hearing that 45-year-old Byron Williams, the heavily-armed and bulletproof-vested ex-con who got in a shootout this week with the California Highway Patrol after an I-580 traffic stop, was headed to the ACLU and The Tides Center to kill liberals made us wonder: how had this ignorant two-striker from Groveland who lived with his mom (and broke into her gun case to steal her guns for his aborted raid on liberal institutions) ever even heard of Tides?

The Tides Center, located at the Presidio, is essentially an aggregator of wealthy heirs’ money, who want to do good but would rather not be bothered doing the due diligence responsible philanthropy requires nowadays. They do that homework, and meet their donors’ overall goals without bothering them with the specifics of each beneficiary’s every operation.

They also provide spectacular conference center space — I attended great day-long team-building exercises when working for a non-profit San Francisco AIDS service organization, thanks to a colleague’s wife who worked at Tides — with quiet and peaceful views of the Golden Gate bridge. Contemplative, dedicated to social justice, low-profile, but essentially a capacity-building, incubator-providing, infrastructure-enabling clearing house for do-good inherited wealth: here’s Tides’ mission statement, from their website.

Our mission is to partner with philanthropists, foundations, activists, and organizations across the country and across the globe to promote economic justice, robust democratic processes, and the opportunity to live in a healthy and sustainable environment where human rights are preserved and protected.

Scary, right?

How does a guy like Byron Williams get motivated to go kill liberals at Tides?

Oliver Willis connected the dots for me this morning.

Byron Williams’ mom was quoted saying she kept her home arsenal “because a revolution is coming” and that her son watched the news and was disturbed by the liberal takeover of America.

According to the suspect’s mother, who spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle, Williams was upset because as an ex-felon he was having trouble securing a job, and was upset at “the way Congress was railroading through all these left-wing agenda items.”

I wonder what news he was watching?

Take a look at this screenshot Oliver captured right here.

As another FDL contributor pointed out via email, Byron Williams must have missed Glenn Beck’s wee programme the day he urged his viewers not to kill anyone.

I’m still waiting for the screaming “Terror in The Homeland” headlines, as soon as you’re done paying attention to Andrew Breitbart, So-Called Liberal Media. This is Beck-inspired tea-party terror. It needs to be acknowledged.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge