When are the Democrats (aside from Alan Grayson) going to grow a pair? The Shirley Sherrod fiasco points up just how pathetic and reactionary the Obama administrationis. Every time Faux Noize does one of their hatchet jobs, the administration and the party in general fold like a circus tent.

When are the Democrats going to stand up and say "fuck you, we’re not reacting to your bullshit any more,"?

Sadly, my guess is never. The Democrats are so petrified by the teabaggers they’re willing to sell out any progressive action to keep them happy, even though they have as much chance of getting a single teabagger vote as I have of becoming Shirley McLaine.

The country is divided, polarized, in way not seen since the Civil War. But we might as well embrace the division and use it to our advantage. The teabaggers are NOT a majority and while they may make a lot of noise, they’re as toothless as a 20-year-old cat.

Tell the teabaggers to fuck off and die. That’s what I did.