The Return of Wednesday Night Somewhat Unpleasant Blogger Random Ten

Since nothing else had caught my fancy today I thought I would resuurect the Random Ten thing which has been on hiatus since  before my stint in rehab sex change secret ninja mission sex slave captivity to Shakira hiatus. There is probably some new stuff in there: a new Sun Kil Moon, the Radio Dept, West Indian Girl, some other stuff. Whatever. Limp Bizkit will probably show up anyway.

She’s Saint, Not A Celebrity
– Foxboro Hot Tubs
Broken Arrow – Neil Young
We’re No Here – Mogwai
These Days – Joy Division
Summer – War
Baby Britain – Elliott Smith
UFO’s Are Real – MC 900 Ft. Jesus
This One’s Gonna Bruise – Beth Orton
She – Gram Parsons
Blvd. Nights – Team Sleep
and one more for people whose calculators don’t go that high:
Breaking Into Heaven – The Stone Roses

Also. Andy Hummel, original bassist for Big Star passed away on Monday, four months after the passing of Alex Chilton. The Posies, who have never really gone away have a new album coming out in September which is certainly good news. And this is very cool. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space may very well be in my top ten favorite albums of all time.

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