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Right-Wingers Compare Shirley Sherrod to Rush Limbaugh and Trent Lott

pictured: not Shirley Sherrod

Well, this was inevitable.

Erick Erickson:

The Shirley Sherrod debate reminds me of Rush Limbaugh trying to buy the St. Louis Rams.

To review: a massively unpopular media figure who once insisted on national television that Donovan McNabb was overrated because he’s black, that NFL games looked like “the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons” and who likes to call the President a “Magic Negro” was unsuccessful in his bid to purchase a billion-dollar business heavily driven by public relations.

Now, none of that really reminds me of a Department of Agriculture employee losing her job because some self-promoting wingnut asshole defamed her. But that’s just me.

Elizabeth Scalia:

all you’ve done is destroyed Sherrod in the same way that Trent Lott was ruined: by taking her remarks out of context.

Context matters. If the right, quite correctly, doesn’t like to see pols on their side tarnished with this despicable label sans context, they they [sic] can’t be happy to see what happened to Sherrod.

Trent Lott had a deplorable civil rights voting record and close ties with white supremacist groups when he said how proud he was that Mississippi voted for Strom Thurmond and his pro-segregation platform in 1948. So it was actually the context surrounding Lott’s quip that was so damning – not the quip itself.

Wingnuts do love their false equivalencies, but this is disgusting even for them.

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