As noted in comments below, McMegan’s commenters are not showing any respect for her intellectual heft acquired, as she explains, by soaking in it Palmolive-style amongst her “family of academics” where, apparently, math was considered too jejune and probably best left to the proles.

Confronted with numbers and logicmication (since this is National Neologism Week), McMegan proceeds to pitch a princess fit and commence with the class war stopping just short of declaring ” I am the fucking Business and Economics Editor for The Atlantic you stupid motherfuckers! Question not my words or off with your heads!” followed by a slammed bedroom door and muffled cries of “I hate you ! I hate you!” and then ritual decapitation of many Barbies named after her favorite commenters who have let her down again.

If were McSuderman, I wouldn’t count on any McNookie tonight.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....