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Right-Wing Nutjobs: Racism’s OK, But Don’t You Dare Cuss!

Gentle Readers, tell me now, which is worse — swearing up a storm, or creating a cuss-free cartoon that invokes the old "we must protect our white wimmen!" racist/sexist nastiness that gave us, among other things, the tragedy of the Scottsboro Boys?

See, this conservative Republican guy and Daily Caller ally called Andrew Breitbart — a foe of the anti-racism group the NAACP, he who employed James O’Keefe, the doofus whose takedown smear of ACORN is now biting him in the ass as his victims seek legal redress — has decided that you will be Oh! So! Shocked! to hear that an FDL writer uses strong language. Ironically enough, the language in question was employed in response to the conservative Republican smear job on the scorchingly righteous words of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, a man who, having helped save the life of one president and provided guidance to another, has earned the right to use strong language himself to criticize racism and bigotry.

Meanwhile, even as Breitbart is hoping you’re all going to wear out your fainting couches in reaction to all that righteous cussing by an FDL writer in defense of a righteously-strong-worded black man, and even as that doofus Congressman Wolf (R-VA) bangs the Turner Diaries Fear the Angry Scary Black Men drum with his bizarre Black Panther fantasies, the very oily Michael Brodkorb, the Deputy Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota and their chief spokesflack, links approvingly to a blog that features among other things a cartoon that depicts Obama as a gang-rapist. (If you’d rather not give the guy any traffic, go here instead.) And what is the conservative defense? In this case, it’s to try to pull a tu quoque, because apparently cussing by non-conservatives is far worse than the conservative racism that the conservatives somehow can’t see:

Darleen Click has published a cartoon at Protein Wisdom that has received a tremendous amount of flak from liberals. Crude, foul-mouthed, hateful left-wingers who are generally impervious to poor taste have suddenly discovered the boundaries of their tolerance for irreverence:

  • "So, the majority rules and this is how the POTUS is treated? F***ing disgusting."
  • "The word for Darlene isn’t racist. Sad B*tch, maybe."
  • "I’m sorry my tweeps, but this sh*t p*ssed me off!"
  • "Dude: F***ed up just took on a whole new meaning."
  • "OMG Quite possibly the most offensive thing I’ve ever seen."
  • "This is just…just…Christ."
  • "This has to be one of the most disgusting cartoons I’ve ever seen."
  • "Jeebus, this is absolutely disgusting."
  • "What. The. F**k!?!"

These lefties cited above (some of them quite prominent) use the term "teab*gger" and other intensely vulgar terms in every other sentence, but somehow this cartoon has injured their fragile sensibilities.

Never mind that "teabagger" is a term the teabaggers came up with for themselves, and never mind that the guy is working really, really hard to avoid seeing the reason why the lefties are so outraged by that cartoon (namely, the racism) — with this guy, racism’s A-OK, but cussing is eeeevil!

Just so you know the pitiful state of his moral compass.

Oh, and just so he and/or Breitbart can cherry-pick it and wave it around as "proof" of my perfidy while ignoring the rest of my post (just like the dude did with his cherry-picks of the lefty comments): BLOWJOB!

UPDATE: Oh, and the really funny thing about this, as Media Matters points out, is that the Daily Caller piece he touts, which is allegedly about liberal media collusion, was known to Breitbart well before it was published. Is this conservative media collusion? Will Breitbart — or his shadowy sugar daddies — ever tell us?

UPDATE #2: Oh, yes — can you tell that the right wing is really amping up the Southern-Strategy race-baiting? Even as they attack their window-dressing RNC Chair Michael Steele for openly admitting that the Southern Strategy didn’t go away when Nixon left in disgrace?

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