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NOM Strategist Louis J. Marinelli Declares Me Most Hateful Lesbian

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To clarify, since I can only type so much in the title, he declared me, on his public blog, “One of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I've ever come across“. Ew… bad mental picture…. ew ew ew….

Anyway, for those amonst you who, I'm very certain, are curious how mean and nasty I must have been to the poor little hatemonger to earn such a grandiose declaration, it begins with Twitter.

Louis you see, had retweeted a hateful tweet from fellow bigot nutcase Reverand David Mapes wherein Mapes tweeted “#inaintafraidtosay Homosexual Marriage is wrong!”. Mapes and I have a history now of arguing Bible accuracy but Mapes is another story. So I took Louis to task for the retweeting suggesting it proves bigotry and pointing him to an abundance of proof that the anti-gay stuff in the Bible is not actually anti-gay but anti-rape and anti-woman, and NOT actually about homosexuality at all.

Louis tweeted back that his was NOT a religious or Christian organization so he had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked him if not religion based, then give me his reasons proving my lesbian marriage is causing him or society any harm.

Like the bullying homophobic coward he is, he sidestepped the question by claiming since I'm not married, he didn't have to discuss my non-existant marriage as it would be “antithetical”.  I showed him my BC Canada legal marriage certificate in response.

To no one's surprise, he dismissed it as a worthless piece of paper that means nothing. (Which makes me wonder; if it's so worthless why do he and Maggie and Brian fight so hard to keep you USA queer folks from getting them like we Canuckleheads do?).

So I posted an entry on my blog showing his hateful tweets and pointing out how he had basically publicly revealed his bigotry, hatemongering and cowardice by showing his tweets and pointing out his refusal to answer simple honest questions, because to answer such questions honestly would, as the Prop 8 trial proved repeatedly, force him to admit gay marriage will do society good and no one will go to jail for saying they disagree.

Now poor poor victimized Louis felt that by only posting a couple of his tweets I was both misrepresenting him and making myself look like an angel, and so he dared me to post our entire Twitter exchange to my blog so people could, in his words, “see who the REAL hater is”. I doubt he expected me to call his bluff though. Because you see, when I replied that I would be more than happy to do EXACTLY that if he just answered my honest question, I never heard from him again. He began to ignore me completely, as if I didn't exist.

Cut to Saturday, when Louis posted a blog entry about the Summer For Marriage Tour's stop in Albany New York. As Pam herself has pointed out on this very blog, attendance was abyssmal, showing how little support NOM really has. Of course, facts never stopped Louis from telling a good lie, so in this blog entry he posted pictures from the Albany event.

Not just any pictures though. No, these pictures were carefully taken from specific angles in ways designed to manipulate truth. His pictures both made the Supporter turnout look bigger than it was, and also attempted to make the pro-equality protesters look like big mean rude bullies.

Unfortunately for Louis, I happen to be a damned good photographer and something of an expert in Angle Manipulation, as my BCIT professor taught us SPECIFICALLY how to spot dishonest news photography designed to give a specific idea as to what the photo is showing.

So both in the comments on his blog and in an entry on my own blog, I deconstructed each of his pictures as they were shown on his blog to show EXACTLY how he used dishonest photography to distort the truth. And in so doing made Louis angry enough to completely unravel his lies by himself just to prove I was wrong about one detail.

He immediately posted another blog in which he posted more pictures to prove thata pair of elderly harmless black labs he had tried to claim were there to intimidate NOM supporters did in fact belong to some of the pro-gay protesters. Bravo Louis, I conced I was wrong about an assumption I made based on the photos YOU originally chose to use to fearmonger amonst your supporters.


The NEW pics he posted actually hurt his case, BADLY. These pictures not only proved that the protesters AND the dogs were a safe respectable distance from the audience, but also clearly showed that audience was MAYBE two or three DOZEN people AT ABSOLUTE MOST.

And on top of that, if you'll scroll to the bottom of his second blog entry, just before the comments start, he posts a screencap of one of my comments to his earler blog, specifically the one dissecting the original dogs photo, as proof of my evil hateful ploy to deceive his followers with intentional lies against him, and closes his blog by saying “So much for this comment by one of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I have ever come across.”

So I've apparently pissed Louis off so much by basically tricking him into exposing his lies and bigotry by himself that he's chosen to single me out as among the most hateful; homuh-seckshuals EVER because I used facts and logic politely to both prove AND trick HIM into openly confirming what all rational sane people already knew; that Louis is a hatemongering homophobic bigot fighting to stamp out equality SOLELY because gay folks creep him out.

If one's success is measured by the calibre of one's enemies, well then I've made the big time folks! I can sit at the Big Kids' table now because King Louis says I'm among the very worst of our kind! Yay for me!

You folks might note in the comments of his second blog, a LOT of people outright ridicule him for claiming that of me based on my polite, logical fact-driven comments. Some of whom had previously been supportive of him on older blog entries. Which means driving him to the point of condemning me personally has actually cost louis some supporters.

If that is the result of him declaring me a most hateful homo, I wear that badge PROUDLY. Because nobody with a brain, common sense, and and ounce of integrity reading his words and mine will ever believe a word out of his mouth now. Face it Louis, you've become one of our biggest assets in the battle for equality, because the more folks hear your insane hatemongering garbage? The more of them that will side with us in disgust of your bile.

Keep up the bad work Louis!

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