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Late Night: Veep of the Undead

Cheneyvader (graphic: twolf1)

It’s been a couple of days now since we first learned of the surgical implantation of a ventricular assist device to keep former Vice President Dick Cheney alive.  Given that his horrendous policies  won’t die, it seems only natural that he should join the undead along with them.

How appropriate is it that the same week we learn about Cheney’s pump that keeps him alive without a pulse we also learn of the insatiably growing and definitely never to die network of private contractors playing huge roles in our nation’s intelligence gathering?

Even though logic tells us that Cheney eventually really will die, the legacy he will leave behind is being assured immortality because Barack Obama is giving it the stamp of being bipartisan.  For as far as we can see into our country’s future, contractors will be used to circumvent Congressional oversight on key intelligence functions.  There also is a  bipartisan stamp on enhanced interrogation torture, keeping Guantanamo open indefinitely and government oversight of industry that is completely meaningless.

Cheney’s legacy of bowing down to big oil is now resulting in a huge swath of death in the Gulf of Mexico. Obama’s weak response to BP’s gaming of the system promises us that deference to big oil now will be a bipartisan undying policy as well.

What will it take for our country to rid itself of the undead policies this beast will leave behind?

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