Paranoid Anger Bear Andrew Breitbart’s Hatred Extends To More Than Just Negroes

Hot Air’s Allahpundit, who having worked for Michelle Malkin knows a thing or two about emotionally disturbed  people with anger issues, made the mistake of writing something about Andrew Breitbart’s latest obsession with All Things Nubian:

I assume Breitbart’s edit is fair to the spirit of her remarks; if it isn’t, rest assured that Media Matters or whoever will produce the full tape of the event and demand to know why essential context was bowdlerized. And speaking of Breitbart, didn’t he claim to have “tapes” — plural — of racism at NAACP events? Perhaps that explains his latest Tweet, written half an hour before I’m posting this: “Hey @ericboehlert & the mostly male Caucasian @mmfa ’senior fellows’: Get some rest. Tomorrow’s gonna be long day & first of many in a row.” Hmmmm.

Since Allahpundit predicted a 5% chance of rain falling on Breitbart’s parade, Andrew did what he does best which is lose his shit in a Twitterwar:

But…but…but says Allahpundit. I was only joking. ha ha hah….

Brietbart not appeased. Breitbart not like. Breitbart smash. Arrgh.

Allahpundit grovels before the wrath of Breitbart the Unforgiving, the Merciless, the Exceeding Unpleasant

…and then nothing.

Just the bitter silence of two people with psychic scars too deep to heal … a slamming door… a hole in the wall the size of a fist… the sound of car tires peeling off into the night on streets wet with tears of heaven. Emptiness…sorrow…words that cannot be taken back…

Actually  I’m thinking they’ll  have angry make-up sex tomorrow in a cheap motel somewhere in the valley.

I bet Breitbart makes Allah wear the pimp costume. That always gets him off…

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