I've got to say, the Westboro Baptist “Church” is probably one of the best things the LGBT community have going for us. They look like such reprehensible asshats that anyone would look good in comparison.

Latest target of the WBC idiots? Lady Gaga. And she's handling them REALLY well. Here's the story from Politics Daily:


 I admire Lady Gaga's restraint. If I were her, I'd have counter protestors there with signs that look like WBC's, but say things MUCH different. Here are a few I came up with:

“God hates Fred”

“Jesus doesn't know you-he said so! Check out Matthew 7:23”

So on and so forth. Of course, the high road would be to ignore those abusive asshats, which is what Gaga tells her fans to do. However, the counter protestor idea would be fun. Anyone have any other WBC-type protest signs? 




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