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San Diego Pride Trans Presence

Yesterday (July 17, 2010), I was hanging out at the Transgender Booth at Pride. It felt kewl. The first photo is a short slideshow of some shots looking in and out of the booth, as well as looking at the “Bucket Of Ducks” game where folk won prizes, such as a red-white and blue rubber wrist band with the words “TransNation” on it, TransNation stickers, and a light-stik wristbands.

Images: San Diego Pride 2010 Transgender Booth

This picture is of me and my friend Claire at the booth. She’s young and pretty fun –I wish I could pull off the surplus Army helmet she was wearing as well as she was pulling it off.

Image: Autumn and Claire at San Diego Pride, July 17, 2010

Pictures of Miss Trans San Diego Pride here:

Image: Aya Ting, San Diego Pride's Miss Trans San Diego (2010)

And a shot of Miss and Mister Trans San Diego here (Aya Ting and Alexander Williams):

And here I am in the San Diego Pride Parade, going nuts waving the transgender flag (video by Dave Hershey):

I’m having lots of fun.

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Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen

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