Refudah the beautah (updated)

Oh Sweet Thesaurus Jesus… courtesy of emokidsloveme:

Also. Too. Bristol Palin, please refudiate this idea:

“Bristol definitely has some interesting ideas for her wedding,” Us Weekly executive editor Caroline Schaefer told NBC News in a story that aired Thursday morning on TODAY. “She wants to wear a Carolina Herrera gown … in white. She would like Levi and little Tripp to wear camo vests.”

I can’t tell whether the Palin family is trying to make my job easier or harder.

Not that I’m not trying.

Update!!!: Sarah’s just having fun with language! Lighten up you guys!

See, I told you Sarah Palin was just like Shakespeare. And she was so proud of her new wordthing  that she deleted it or, one might say, she refudiated its existence.

I expect Matthew Continetti and Rich Lowry to chime in any minute now, pointing out the new delightfully playful Sarah Palin who creates new words. Or, as they might call them: “neolojizms”.

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