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Nickname “Kos” Confused with Greek Kos’ Gay Island Mecca

Gay Kos Greek Mecca

Of course, I feel gratified when visitors read the Truth About Kos blog  and are able to find the answers to questions and doubts that may have been nagging them for days, weeks or years with respect to Markos C. Alberto Moulitsas Zúñiga (MAMZ) and his Salvadoran oligarchy family.  (New online book says MAMZ's “family hotel” (MAMZ's honeymoon album taken down after citation of his phrase “family hotel”) manager is also president of the Association of Salvadoran Hotels and president of the Salvadoran National Tourism Board.) 

Club Joya Del Pacífico

It's ironic that the name “Kos” at Google is more associated with gay tourism in Greece than with his own family's luxury resort conglomerate in San Salvador.

While it is certainly true that many visitors reach this blog to research MAMZ's sexuality, my “Truth About Kos” Site Meter tells me that others are seeking information about a gay tourist mecca in Greece, which is a city called “Kos” on an island called “Kos.”  Kos–the CIA-trained blogger–is half-Greek and that only fuels the confusion.  Army buddies seem to have given “Kos” a nickname that, when Googled, leads directly to gay tourism advertisements as well as MAMZ's subsequent letter castigating both President Bill Clinton and gays over their advocacy for gays in the US military.

Ironically, when you publicly speak and write about that which you most hate and fear, and publish those sentiments and writings, then you ultimately become inseparable at Google from the supposed vice that you so vehemently oppose.  The Senator Larry Craig case and many others show that this association is not necessarily unfair.

The confusion between Kos, the blogger media mogul, and Kos the gay island mecca is ironic in light of the letter (MAMZ) once sent to his college newspaper, the Northern Star, in which MAMZ vehemently opposed ALL gay service in the US Armed Forces.  Ironically, just a couple of years earlier, MAMZ says his Army buddies gave him is the name “Kos,” which is also the name of a notoriously gay-friendly Greek Island and city.

So, as the graphic below shows, Google users come to the Truth About Kos blog in search of a “gay kos sauna.”  This blog has no information connecting Markos Moulitsas to a “gay Kos sauna.”  If we find any, we will certainly post it here, along with the other curious coincidences between MAMZ, his Army nickname, his half-Greek heritage, and his opposition to gay rights.

Because some of the brief visitors to this blog are looking for information about the gay hotspot on the Greek Island of Kos, this disambiguation article is only fair. His Army buddies gave him the same “Kos” nickname as the gay Greek Greek hotspot for playboys, and MAMZ is half-greek, so there is considerable confusion between the gay-friendly Greek Island of “Kos” and the gay-bashing “Kos” who opposed all gay participation in the US military.  Ironically, he says he joined the military in the hopes that it would make a “real man” out of him.

Many who know MAMZ well, after having read the Indictment, will readily appreciate the irony in the strange coincidence between Kos's nickname and the gay hotspot of Kos, Greece, because Kos is known to have written a letter to his college newspaper, the Northern Star, in which he vehemently opposed ALL gay service in the US military

The letter shows an ill-formed sense of gender-self, as well a suspiciously over-heated opposition to gay rights, in which he makes an all-too-obvious effort to distinguish, distance and literally separate himself from other Army recruits who were gay. He said he was afraid they were looking at his underpants

It sounds like unnecessary  angst to me.  In my opinion, (although MAMZ would apparently disagree with me), it is entirely possible to be both gay and a “real man.”

For those planning to attend Netroots Nation, please ask MAMZ when (and if) he stopped associating with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)?

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