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Why is August Always a Bad Month For Barack Obama?

By: Inoljt,

Remember last August, and what a terrible month it was for President Barack Obama? Remember the town hall meetings, progress stymied on health care, and falling approval ratings?

It seems that every August is a tough month for President Barack Obama. In August 2008 Republican nominee John McCain was slowly cutting into Mr. Obama’s lead, mocking him as a celebrity and “the one.” By the middle of September, Senator McCain would take a lead in polls – albeit not for long.

The August before that, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was ahead by double-digits in national polls. Barack Obama’s campaign was on its heels everywhere – journalists were buying her campaign’s theme of inevitability, while Mrs. Clinton outperformed the Illinois senator in debate after debate.

In August 2000, Obama was deciding to challenge Congressman Bobby Rush for Illinois’s first congressional district. The next month he announced his candidacy, in a race he would go on to lose 2-1.

And in August 2004, conservative Republican Alan Keyes announced his…Actually, let’s not go there.

It appears that, barring the Alan Keyes example, August is just a bad month for our president. One wonders what terrors this August will bring. And the one after that.

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