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Richard Cohen is, hard to believe, concerned about Afghanistan:

…Obama found this war on his doorstep, took it in, nursed and even escalated it, and swaddled it in his own clothes: more troops, and still more on the way.

Which I’m sure Richard Cohen opposed, say last last Fall:

The war in Afghanistan is eminently more winnable than was Vietnam…the war will require more than a significant commitment of troops and, of course, money. It will take presidential leadership, a consistent staying of the course — an implacable confidence that the right choice has been made…

So what he wanted, happened (never a good idea, Mr. President). However, the problem for Cohen isn’t the “meat grinder” but that the butcher is not enthusiastic about applauding on the kill floor. After all in October 2009, Dicky’s question was this?

Does Obama Have the Backbone?

To this:

The president is no happy warrior — not much of a warrior at all

There are a score of places to ask whether Obama has a backbone or worse (please enjoy our comment buffet), but for the Village it only matters when it pertains to areas where they don’t bear the risk, like war, or in modern America, have to pay for it with taxes, like war.

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