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Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee asks supporters about LGBT rights priorities

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee just released a report with the results from its  2010 Legislative Priorities Survey. Its purpose is to inform Dem state legislators nationwide what  its supporters have on its minds as priorities. Unlike some of the Dem national mailings, this one actually asks about equal rights issues in relation to the LGBT community.

In May 2010, the DLCC launched our second Legislative Priorities Survey, a project to facilitate communication between legislators and their constituents nationwide. We designed the survey to test individuals’ views of the highest profile issues in legislative politics and determine which of those issues are the highest priorities for our supporters this year.

The response this year has again been overwhelming.

More than 2,000 Democratic supporters offered input, representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. This universe of respondents is self-selected and is not based on a random sampling of the population.

Issue Importance: Respondents were asked to rank how important a series of issues were to them. The issues were: “Fully Funding Public Schools,” “Expanding Environmental Protections and Clean Energy,” “Strengthening Government Ethics Rules,” “Promoting Job Growth,” and “Promoting Equal Rights for the LGBT Community.” Respondents were extremely supportive of all these issues, though Economic Development and Education both received a noticeable uptick in intensity compared to last year’s survey.

Top Priorities: In an effort to separate issues from one another, respondents were next asked to compare specific issues and designate one of them as their most important priority. Economic Development has clearly supplanted Health Care as the top priority among those tested, favored by over 30% of respondents. In fact, now that the federal health care reform debate is behind us, there is clearly more “oxygen” available for a host of other issues, including Energy/Environment and Education.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding