As Falls Cuyahoga, So Falls Cuyahoga Falls

America is a little bit safer today due to the heroic efforts of intrepid Pajamajournalist Patrick Poole who blew the lid off of an IslamoMuslim  bake sale face-painting-for-the-terrorist-kids fundraiser in Memphis… and not the Memphis in Egypt where these sort of things are as common as camel poop. No sirree. It seems that Patrick Poole was poking around some Muslim websites looking for Girls Gone Burqualess when he discovered a weekend of food, folks, and fatwas down Memphis way.

Last week, I wrote about the scheduled appearance of Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hanooti, a long-time terrorist supporter and known Hamas fundraiser, at the Islamic Association of Greater Memphis on July 13-15th. Exhibit A in support of Hanooti’s appearance was an announcement posted on the mosque’s website in their “upcoming events” page. No sooner had my article appeared and other media outlets began making an inquiry than the mosque scrubbed its website of any mention of the scheduled event. As of early Thursday, the entire website for the mosque was down.

Fortunately, I captured a screenshot of the page from the mosque’s event announcement before it disappeared into Internet oblivion:

And if it is on the internet it must be true but now it is gone and how can this be so?

One might think that an upcoming events announcement found on the mosque’s own website would prove a serious impediment to the mosque denying that the event was ever scheduled to occur. But when it comes to the volatile issue of Islamic extremism and open material support for terrorists in American mosques, you would be wrong.

Yeah. I kinda just said that. Right up there.

Well the EmmEssEmm (in this case represented by the Islamo-luvin’ Memphis Commercial Appeal which is the Al Jazeera of Tennessee) acting on Patrick Poole’s tip with nary a howdy-do or a wham-bam-hey!-Islam jumped on the story. Such as it was….:

Rushing to the mosque’s aid was reporter Mike Lollar of the Memphis Commercial Appeal, who immediately sprung into action to cover the story. Well, cover at least one side of the story (namely, the mosque’s), because Lollar, who began his “investigation” last Thursday, made no effort to contact me or anyone from Pajamas Media for his article. Admittedly, making inquiries on only one side makes writing an article very tidy and quick, but rarely does it capture the truth.

It is hard to believe that any so-called “news organization” would go to press without fact-checking first with Pajamas Media who have a well established history of getting it right within the first five or six tries, but there you have it. And what did that Islamo-butt-kissing Mike “Mike” Lollar discover about this very important thing that was supposed to happen but didn’t and maybe never was gonna happen?


The Pajamas blogger who wrote about the supposed Al-Hanooti visit to Memphis said the source of his report was a calendar listing on the Masjid Al-Noor website. An “upcoming activity” listing said Al-Hanooti would speak July 13-15 in a presentation in Arabic and English, but mosque board chairman Gous Mohammed said Thursday there must be a mistake. “I’m telling you there is nothing planned,” he said.

He said he wanted to check with the webmaster for his mosque’s website to track the origin of the listing. On Friday, Mohammed said he was unable to find a source, but he said the listing was an error. It was removed Friday.

Mohammed said it may have been an old listing that was never removed from the calendar, although he knows of no previous visit to Memphis by Al-Hanooti. The events calendar had invited guests to what it called a “weekend” with Al-Hanooti, but the dates July 13-15 fall Tuesday through Thursday, not on a weekend.


FBI and University of Memphis spokesmen said they were not contacted about any visit by Al-Hanooti or other Hamas leaders. Al-Hanooti could not be reached for comment.

Pfft. Everyone knows that the Holy Koran designates Tuesday through Thursday as the real weekend and not the infidel Friday to Sunday (plus Monday for you alcoholics) weekend. In fact the Koran makes many mentions of Thank Allahu Akbar It’s Tuesday parties, but you probably wouldn’t know that which is why the terrorists hate you.

But anyway the Commercial Appeal (TO MUSLIMS!!) is probably working in cahoots with dusky Muslim  Memphisidians or Memphisidiots or whatever the hell and also the FBI to make Patrick Poole look like a fool and this is sad because Patrick is:

… a regular contributor to Pajamas Media, and an anti-terrorism consultant to law enforcement and the military.

Hmmm. That needs fleshing out maybe:

Patrick Poole is a freelance writer and political analyst with experience in both the business and public policy arenas. As Vice President for International Development of an Alabama-based company, he was responsible for managing projects in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeastern Asia. He has also served as public policy analyst for organizations in Washington DC and several state capitals. His work on Capitol Hill received coverage from a number of national and international media outlets, including the New York Times, ABC News, the Baltimore Sun, WIRED News, the National Post (Canada), The Guardian (UK), and Jungewelt (Germany).

Mr. Poole now devotes most of his time currently to analyzing the Islamic worldview and Islamist/jihadist ideology. He is a regular contributor to FrontPage Magazine, The American Thinker and Christianity & Society (UK), and maintains a blog, Existential Space. Mr. Poole is a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Having read quite a few resumes in my day, that whole

As Vice President for International Development of an Alabama-based company, he was responsible for managing projects in Eastern Europe, Latin America and Southeastern Asia. He has also served as public policy analyst for organizations in Washington DC and several state capitals..

…kind of sounds like:

I was a the team leader and CEO of a really big Fortune 500 company responsible for lots of large famous projects that you may have heard about. I also dated many actresses and lingerie models.

…so I’m going to need to see some ID.

Oh, here we go:

Patrick Poole is an independent journalist who contributes to a number of publications and serves as a consultant to law enforcement on the domestic terror threat from Islamic radicalization. He is the Executive Director of Central Ohioans Against Terrorism and he maintains a blog, Existential Space.

Executive Director of Central Ohioans Against Terrorism“? Well. Color me chagrined. I stand corrected. For it is well known across the heartland  of Real America that, if not for the courage of the fearless crew Central Ohioans Against Terrorism, Bellefontaine would be the seat of the Great Ohio Caliphate and all of central Ohio and parts of Akron would be as dreary as Coshocton on a Tuesday night…. and nobody wants that. Least of all the people in Chillicothe.

So we salute you “Executive Director of Central Ohioans Against Terrorism”. Carry on with, you know, whatever it is you guys do after your monthly meetings at Bakers Square where every Wednesday is Pie Rush Wednesday. Try the Fruitabulous Blueberry.

(Headline cf.)

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